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sound effects, loops
Ghosthack Cinematic Essentials Hits WAV [Free For Limited Time] screenshot
04/12/2023 | WAV | 170 MB
Bring a Taste of Hollywood to Your Productions Today! 100 Cinematic Hits: Ranging from Subtle and Understated to Judicial and Incendiary

In the world of sound design, cinematic hits add accent to pivotal moments and punctuation to transitions. The Cinematic Essentials - Hits collection gives you 100 professionally crafted sound design elements that will bring a taste of Hollywood to your productions. These hits are powerful, well-executed and full of character and texture. The ephemeral nature of these sounds doesn’t stop them from bringing a lot of atmospheric qualities to a moment, helping to make your scenes more immersive and memorable.

Created by acclaimed sound designer Chris Gear, the sounds in this pack are intended to evoke a wide range of moods and feelings, and will find sure footing in their respective genres. From subtle and understated to judicial and incendiary. Whether you produce Action, Adventure, Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thrillers, Documentaries or anything in-between, you’ll find great value and usability in this broad spectrum of sounds every time you turn to them.

Ghosthack Cinematic Essentials - Hits delivers on impact, and makes for a great resource when building transitions that you want to stand out. From riveting crescendos in blockbuster trailers to shocking revelations in intimate dialogue, this pack makes is easy to find what you need quickly in the moment.

All sounds in this collection are 100% royalty-free and cleared for use in your projects. Be sure to also check out the other great titles our popular Cinematic Essentials series! Each pack features 100 professionally made sounds, curated to meet very specific production needs. So you get precisely what you need, and nothing else. It’s a great way to build a truly custom sound design library!

What You Will Find in This Pack
100 Cinematic Hits
File Format: 24 bit 48kHz WAV
Total Files: 100
Total Size: 203 MB

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Rapidgator | Katfile
“Music is life itself.” — Louis Armstrong
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  Member 21.09.2023 1 122
i will never understand why some sample designers have bad digital clipping baked into their samples. I understand nice heavy 808 warm saturation clipping etc. But harsh digital noisey clipping, no! Still a couple good hits in the pack tho
  Member 2.01.2015 5
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