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Gowler Music English Spring WAV [FREE] screenshot
18.05.2018 | WAV | 750 MB
We’ve released a brand new sample pack! With over one hour of ambient nature sounds, English Spring #GM0017 is a great addition to any music producer’s or film maker’s collection.
Recorded in the month of April in the northern English country side, this sample pack features over one hour of ambient nature sounds including bird calls, wind and the occasional airplane overhead. Rather than cutting the RAW files into shorter minute-long samples, we’ve decided to leave these samples “as is” to give people more creative control of the content.

With only a slight EQ tweak and some channel boosting, these samples have been left relatively untouched to give a more realistic, true sound. Perfect for any music producer of film maker looking for real ambient nature sound effects.

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Meh. Personally, I prefer Irish Spring, bit this will do.

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