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Sound Ideas 12000 Anchor Away WAV screenshot
Sound Ideas 12000 Anchor Away WAV | 5.17 GB
Series 12,000 – Anchors Away is a comprehensive royalty free sound effects collection that features the sounds of 40 different small boats, personal watercraft, racing, fishing and excursion vessels. Available for download or on 15 Audio CDs, this library offers more than 1,200 boat sounds and includes a full range of exterior and on board recordings that have been produced for maximum reality and versatility. The series also offers a variety of related boat sounds to help make life of the high seas sound just right. Vessels featured in this sound effects collection include everything from people-powered canoes, kayaks, row boats and pedal boats to recreation jet skis and fishing boats to industrial trawlers. The variety of water vehicles in this collection lets us provide large engine room sounds, steam whistles and generators as well as paddling, beaching and launching effects. And we have not forgotten the sailors among you who need rigging, winching and the sounds of wind in the sails. We have also included practical sounds of waves, splashes, anchors, buoys and docking in the Series 12,000 – Anchors Away.


•1,217 royalty free sound effects
•Available on 15 Audio CDs or as a Download in 16/44.1, 16/48 or 24/48 WAV file formats
•Digitally recorded in stereo

40 Watercraft:

•Canoes, kayaks, rowboats
•Jet skis, airboats, ski boats
•Ferries, paddle wheelers, cabin cruisers
•Trawlers, steam boats, schooners


•Executive Producer: Brian Nimes
•Recording Engineers: David Lukezic, Paul Hatanaka, Justin Mazeau
•Mastering Engineer: David Lukezic
•CD Artwork By: Lauren Maloney, Maurizio Arena

Special Thanks to Antique Boat Museum, 1000 Islands New York, Barrie Rowing Club, City of Toronto, Everglades Air Boat Tours, Florida, Captain Maxie Foster and "Gulfstream II", Ainsley Hubley and "Harbour Mist", Impossible Audio, Lady Muskoka Cruises, Cathy Lindsey-King, Wayne Manuel and "Little Deer", Charles Maynes, Prentice Marine, Haliburton, Wayne Rodgers and Pride of Muskoka Marine, Marilyn Ries, Cope Smith - for speedboat, "Rum and Cope", Joyce Graves and "Sea Screamer", Search and Rescue, Haliburton, RMS Segwun, Muskoka, Silver Eage Resort, Haliburton, Sir Sam's Resort, Haliburton, "Starlite Princess" Paddlewheel River Boat, Jetworks and the "Tradewinds" Schooner, P.S Trillium, Toronto Harbour, "Wanda III", Muskoka

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  Resident 1.10.2013 4714 8265
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  Member 5.06.2017 14 1348
Sound Ideas 12000 Anchor Away WAV

  Contributor 2.11.2014 1192 4004
  Resident 30.10.2012 11 372
Thank you SOoooooo very much!!!!

More Sound effects Libraries please!!!!!
  Member 16.08.2016 1
Found a track listing here,000_Anchors_Away_Sound_Effects_Library.pdf

Thanks anyway for the effort, it is appreciated.
  Resident 3.11.2013 78
Thank you for the post and much obliged for the track list too.
  Member 2.02.2014 4 167
Thanks soony i love Sound ideas is killer!!!
  Resident 22.03.2012 359
Very grateful for the share Sunny, but unless Entropy has badly flaked there appears to be several files missing from every disk, in some cases the great majority of them - disk 10 has only 22 of 78 files, and disk 5 is missing completely. This is far from the complete library. Interestingly, every disk is missing tracks 34 and 67, which strongly indicates a technical flaw in the ripping process.
  Member 6.10.2017 2
It's on CDs!!!!))))
there are very old sound "ideas" from this brand all time((

audio industry more prefer "BOOM library" , it's sounds very cute )

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