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Soundcells - Simple Sampling v4 Reason ReFill screenshot
Simple Sampling – a name, a concept!

When we first started working on a fun ReFill based on the Stylophone we recorded it for sampling purposes: we sampled this little toy note by note. Besides programming a patch that matches the real thing we also tweaked the NNXT to go some extra steps. Some fat funky clavinet-style patches caught us by surprise. While producing the Stylofunk mini track (apart from the loop it´s entirely based on Stylophone samples) we added lots of extra cool stuff to this ReFill: a “single-sample-Rhodes”, a “single-sample-Piano”, a “single-sample-Kalimba” and a lot of other nifty stuff …

If you are looking for classic old-school sampled sounds instead of huge patches built by hundreds of individual samples, you will love this ReFill. Patches are super-fast loading, CPU-friendly and they are full of ‘retro‘ character.
Simple Sampling, the name speaks for itself!

- Fresh sounding
- Retro and stylish
- Lean and charming

Reason 6 and up needs to be installed to use this product.

Changelog / Version History
[spoiler]Version 4.0 (April, 22nd 2014)
- 25 new combinator patches
- 25 new NNXT patches
- 292 MB of new samples
- Re-worked backdrops

Version 3.0 (April, 15th 2012)
- 25 new combinator patches
- 21 new NNXT patches
- 150 MB of new samples
- 9 demo tracks in Reason format

Version 2.0 (March, 21th 2011)
- 25 new combinator patches
- 20 MB of new samples coming from the Kawai K5000

Version 1.0 (June, 10th 2010)
download from Usenet - 14 days free access +300GB - Simple Sampling v4 Reason ReFill
download from any file hoster with just one LinkSnappy account
download from more than 100 file hosters at once with LinkSnappy.


  Resident 16.12.2010 12 1158
@ Irelle,

Thank You very much for this New v4 of 'Simple Sampling' :-)
  Resident 9.03.2013 85 69
quote by Studio 555Thank You very much for this New v4 of 'Simple Sampling' :-)

You're welcome. :-)
The Chaos never ends, I'll take care of it!
  Member 9.02.2014 1 160
will this work on version 5?
  Resident 9.03.2013 85 69
quote by GogoiXwill this work on version 5?

Unfortunately, as far as I know not. Or very very uncompletely. :-(
The Chaos never ends, I'll take care of it!
  Member 19.01.2014 52
Hi Irelle & all the other Cool People here,
I'm just wondering if anyone has or knows where I could get Reason 6 or 7? I have been hunting them down since my 100th birthday earlier this year, I have a bucket-list and one of my wishes is to find 2 impossible or unbelievable things, and since that incident with mr Throgmorton and the UFO last week, I think I might have bitten off more than I could chew (with a lend of someone else's dentures). He did escape with most of his clothes except his underwear and trousers, he thinks he might have left his bagpipes and trumpet onboard the starship Tau Alpha Zeon. He told me later one of the aliens was performing an unspeakable sexual act on his bagpipes, and that was when he made good his escape. So I did find one unbelievable thing so far, and I'm gunning for the double and want to find Reason 6 or 7 for Windoze. If anyone knows where I can get it, please let me know. I Don't want to release the Chupacabra I captured and am keeping in my room as a safe back-up!
Love and Toothless wet and slobbery Granny Kisses to all
I would invite any of you to come sit on my lap as I tell you amazing stories of my life, but my incontinence is quite bad at the moment, and my plastic granny pants have sprung a leak, so I'll just sit here behind my bank of 1970's synthesizers and wave and blow kisses

Love Always to All,
Minnie Bannister, Your Favourite Granny
  Resident 16.12.2010 12 1158
@ My Lovely Minnie Bannister,

Here you can find the Version 6.5.3, unfortunately not completely 'cracked', but you can play around with it for a while with most of its functions and settings less the 'Save' and 'Load Project', if I well remember !
Anyway, you can use most of the Synths, FXs,... included, as well as some of the New REFILL Expansions that require the Version 6.


Good Fun with it in the meantime till a 'Fully' functional Version may perhaps appear one of this day...
  Resident 9.03.2013 85 69
quote by Minnie BannisterHi Irelle & all the other Cool People here,

quote by DazDon't play the pokies for a few weeks then you can buy it from propeller heads

Actually, the best way would be really to buy reason. I know it's a lot of money, but it's worth it. Especially taking in count, that all the cracked versions are not stable.
The Chaos never ends, I'll take care of it!
  Resident 28.05.2013 676 2841
  Member 19.01.2014 52
Daz Said: Don't play the pokies for a few weeks then you can buy it from propeller heads

Believe it or not, gambling is not one of my vices! I may be a 100 year old Punk / New Wave star, I may have been the direct cause of many old folks 'Popping their clogs, joining the choir invisible, shuffling of their mortal coil, wearing the wooden overcoat or buying the worm farm...etc through my exploding bondage trousers or messing about with my electric teeth, but I'm not a murderer. If I could afford to save up for Reason 6-7 on my pension I would buy it. But as it stands because of the cost of living here, I'm lucky to have €5 left at the end of the week. Nooooooooo I'm not a gambler, where did you get that idea Daz?
Love to all uploaders especially Juan P for your help
Big spitty slobbery Granny kisses to all
Your Favorite Granny,
Minnie Bannister >8¬{} xxxxxxxxxxxx
  Resident 9.03.2013 85 69
quote by Minnie BannisterGranny

Let's stick to the topic... :-)
The Chaos never ends, I'll take care of it!

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