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As requested here is the Kontakt 5 library from the Komplete 8 Ultimate hard drive
It comes in 7 parts. each part represents basically 1 dvd if it was sold on DVD
When you unarchive a part you will have a .pkg file. install this like you would any other to where you would like the library.

after you run all 7 you will have the complete Kontakt 5 Library

( windows uses will have to unarchive the .pkg manually and place the data on your sample hard drive)
download from any file hoster with just one LinkSnappy account
download from more than 100 file hosters at once with LinkSnappy.


  Resident 26.05.2010 3 325
I downloaded this with torrent already, but thanks a lot for your work!! wink

Great to see the returning of a little bit of real sharing spirit here...
  guest -- 0
Is it the same as this one? /samples/sample-libraries/36972-download_native-instruments-ko

Thank you! mates
  guest -- 0
Hey bro, I'm new here and you sharing this just let me know that I must do the same in the future. I just realized that a large portion of the site was dead.

Glad to see people like you keeping it alive. Thanks Bro...
  guest -- 0

Man, could you tell me where did u get the torrent? I`ve got a crappy internet provider and it keeps disconnectiong. It would take 4 years to download so many parts. So, if u can help me... [email protected].

thanks a lot!
  guest -- 0
First off - Whoa great upload and RS files to boot!! :) The thing is. . I've grabbed it all and extracted the winrar archives to (7) winrar zips which has given me (7) Factory Library Folders. I just don't know what to do with them now. I've never used Kontakt before and could do with some advice, please :))p.s. On Win 7.

Cheers again :)
  guest -- 0
Anybody know of a torrent i can get the Kontakt library off?
  guest -- 0
please can anyone provide a torrent link..!!
its so huge..!!m unable to download these huge files dvds 1 at a time..!!
please guys share the torrent link..!!!
thanks guys..!good luck phones
  guest -- 0
Thanks! The links are still good! I'll come back to comment if everything goes smooth!

Works perfect! Thanks!

I used 7-Zip for all of my extracts and it went smoothly!
  guest -- 0
I download all DVD's but i don't know how to use... I have Win7... Help me!!!
  guest -- 0
extract each zip.

then, these archives are in MAC format, for windows users:

Download 7-Zip

for each disc:

In 7-Zip browse to and open the archive.pax, this will open "copy" the archive and open up a folder.

open it and you will see the facotry library contents.

copy all of these to the same location (your kontakt library folder) for each disc (merging as you go along)

Then open contact and add a new library as normal.
  Member 3.01.2012 6
use this if you want to donwlaod faster, just register and use the "Multi Premium Link Generator Online" its amazing
  Member 4.12.2012 34
this is fantastic!!!
The rapidshare links are so conveniant.....of my three acct's (UL, RGator) RS is the only one that I can use SpeedDpwnload with.

My sincere thanks.....
  guest -- 0
I just try downloading this Library first it sent me to first class downloader where the files were not there. Then i copied the direct link paste it into rapidshare url search which showed 0 results. Just by reading others comments it seems like no one else had problems downloading kontakt 5 Library i gotta b doing something wrong any help will b appreciated. Thanks

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