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Cubase 12: The Expectations Cinesamples Musio - New Player! Cubase, Studio One or Reaper? LOL, Roland sent this guy a JX-08 to compare to his original JX-8P. Gibson re-launches Maestro Electronics Anybody using Linux? Motorola DSP563xx Emulator (BETA Download Now) (Access Virus, Nord Lead, Waldorf MW...) Trove of old VSTs... Output Arcade (Lines, Note Kits, and Samples) Master List Looking for multi-fx VSTs to add randomness and uniqueness


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fresh releases

multi-libraries, presets, patches, impulses
Blanc Records Keith Le Blanc The Original KLB Vol.8 SAGE Xpander for Stylus RMX DVDR screenshot

Blanc Records Keith Le Blanc The Original KLB Vol.8 SAGE Xpander for Stylus RMX DVDR
Team: KRock | Date: October 29 2012 | Size: 676 MB

The Original KLB Vol 8 contents:

The latest product from Keith LeBlanc takes him back to his roots - recapturing the unique 'sound of the 70s' and laying down hundreds of brand new beats in his own inimitable style. Highlights: This is a large and uniformly excellent collection of solid acoustic beats suitable for a wide range of applications.
Accept no substitute! - KLB
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Sample Station - Ultimate Massive Patches 2 [NI MASSIVE PATCHES] screenshot
Sample Station - Ultimate Massive Patches 2

Part 2 in our #1 selling series of Massive patches for peak time main room producers. Packed with the biggest throbbing basslines, crazy insane leads, hook heavy arps and blistering FX that utilise the full power of Massive's features.100 intense patches that are crafted to suit all big sound styles from Bass music and Electro to Techno and beyond.Chunky Saws, Wide Wobbles, Talking Bass, Wild Warbs, Hefty Saw Waves and Booming Brick Wall Bass sounds are just part of what makes up this mother load of patches.

producer mistake..files is corrupted... DISCOVER

Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Giga Loops - V-Station SoundBank screenshot
Giga Loops - V-Station SoundBank
25-10-2012 | DISCOVER | V-Station SoundBank | 14MB

'V-Station Sound Bank' contains 128 exciting sounds for Novation's V-Station Synthesizer. All programmed by Giga Loops and ready for you to spice up your productions! This Sound Bank is perfect for producing Electro House, Dubstep, D&B and all Dance electronic music styles.'V-Station Sound Bank' includes fresh and original presets from Bass, leads, Syn Arp, Drum Kit to Arp Tech, Hoover, House Lead, FX and Dub sounds free to use in your productions. (Compatible with Novation Hardware).
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Dwsd Access Virus TI Soundset Vol 5 ViRUS TI PATCHES-DISCOVER screenshot
Dwsd Access Virus TI Soundset Vol 5 ViRUS TI PATCHES
24-10-2012 | DISCOVER | ViRUS TI PATCHES | 3MB

'Access Virus TI Soundset Vol 5' lets DWSD open the vault for another product in this ongoing Virus TI soundset series! In this pack you will find 128 new OS optimised, infectiously professional sounds, perfectly sculpted to fit into any modern day Dance production.Highlighting everything from smooth, soft chords for Deep House, to unique and modulated layers for your Minimal and Tech House productions, all the way through to those Progressive House melodies and Big Room Trance arp patterns, this soundest stands out as unique and is definitely a must-have set for Virus owners!While some patches are fairly complex in modulation, this pack offers simplicity with room to tweak patches and make them your own!

Re-Up...Enjoy.... DISCOVER

Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Dwsd - Predator Soundset [PREDATOR PATCHES] screenshot
Dwsd - Predator Soundset

'Predator Soundset' from DWSD is a Soundset that all Predator owners can sink their claws into. Regarded very much in most Dance music genres as a 'go-to' soft synth, Predator never stops surprising with its versatility. This time round Trance producers will be happy to find a modern day set covering everything they need.From warm pads, addictive drums, to analogue leads, original but highly usable effects, cute plucks & much more, this is an unmissable pack! Given the fact the Predator can provide such an array of monstrous sounds, this set was a lot of fun to design!

Re-Up..Enjoy.... DISCOVER

Samples, loops, presets, patches, impulses
Sounds To Sample Indie Underground Vol.1 WAV Sylenth1 Massive Presets screenshot
WAV/Sylenth1/Massive Presets | 299 MB
Sounds to Sample serves up nearly 1 GB of deafening electro fluorescence in their latest production pack filled with the floor thrashing grit and lo-slung crunch you'll need to keep the PBR flowing at your next hipster dance-fest in volume one of their Indie Underground series.

Reuploaded. PiRAT

Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Mainstream Sounds Mainstream Trance Anthems For Sylenth screenshot
Mainstream Sounds Mainstream Trance Anthems For Sylenth | 73 MB
Mainstream Sounds kick off their debut sound set with a stormer "Mainstream Trance Anthems" for the ever popular lennardigitals Sylenth, If your into artists as AVB, Ferry Corsten, Gareth Emery, Above & Beyond, Dash Berlin and many more epic, euphoric & uplifting artists this pack is full to the brim of quality ready for your next trance monster.
loops, presets, patches, impulses
Dancemidisamples - Trance Construction For Logic Pro 4 screenshot
Dancemidisamples - Trance Construction For Logic Pro 4

Another top-notch Trance track for you to explore and learn from our Pro producers here at DMS! Trance Construction for Logic Pro 04 expands on the previous installments of the series exploring the depths of Logic's powerful production engine. The Logic template covers advanced production techniques including EQ, side-chaining, mixing using busses, bus automation, use of FX, arrangement skills and more.
loops, presets, patches, impulses
Dancemidisamples - Trance Construction For Logic Pro 1 screenshot
Dancemidisamples - Trance Construction For Logic Pro 1

Ever wanted to know how the pro's put a track together? This Logic Pro project contains an entire Trance track arrangement including all the samples & synth patches you'll need to open up the project in Logic. The arrangement uses only Logic's built in FX and synths such as the ES1, ES2 and EXS24 sampler and the download folder contains everything you'll need - just open Logic, double click the .logic file and away you go!
loops, presets, patches, impulses
DMS Trance Construction For Logic Pro 6 screenshot
Learn from the Pros: that's what we're all about here at DMS! Get the inside knowledge from our experienced producers and give yourself an instant advantage! The latest addition to our Logic Studio template section covers the sounds and production skills that you'll need to create a Trance track from scratch using ONLY Logic Studio 8 or 9. As with the other projects in this series you'll find everything easily laid out for you to explore the production techniques used.

Reuploaded. PiRAT

Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Dancemidisamples - Electro Master Loops screenshot
Dancemidisamples - Electro Master Loops

Each loop in the download pack is provided in both 24 bit WAV & MIDI file format meaning that you've got tons of flexibility here: load up the WAV audio loop into your favourite loop based software such as Ableton Live or Sony Acid Pro and use them as they are, or load up the MIDI file into any sequencer and add your own unique sound, edit the notes of the sequence and get creative! For more information about MIDI take a read through our FAQ section.

Re-Up...Enjoy... SAiNT

Windows, presets, patches, impulses
VY2V3 for Vocaloid3AEFE screenshot
VY2V3 (standart+falsetto) for Vocaloid3AE/FE
AlexVox 19 October 2012

Y2 (stands for "Vocaloid Yamaha 2" , also it was codenamed 勇馬, "Yuuma", meaning "Brave Horse") is the second from the avatarless VY series of Vocaloids, produced by Bplats and like VY1 before it, is of the highest quality amongst the Japanese Vocaloid2 engine voicebanks. Nagimiso (なぎみそ) and Kazeno (風乃) undertook the illustration for VY2's package.The Wakizashi was by Nagimiso, the illustration on the inside sleeve was by Kazeno, which was Japanese and SF styled with Tenshukaku (天守閣, Japanese castle tower) and two moons.


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