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Cloud Industry Loomer CUMULUS CM Preset Bank screenshot

Freebie ported to AudioZ!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Cloud Industry Loomer CUMULUS CM Preset Bank

Cloud Industry for Cumulus Preset Bank

Looking for a few more free sounds for Computer Music's exclusive granular sampler plug-in, Cumulus? Then perhaps you should download Cloud Industry, a selection of presets by AbstractCats, a name perhaps familiar to Cumulus users: he was a major contributor of sample content and presets to the Cumulus Factory bank.

No need to download it there - you have it on AudioZ!

DOWNLOAD @ http://mir.cr/CUFHRHMZhttp://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/CUFHRHMZ/Cloud_Industry_Loomer_Cumulus_CM_Preset_Bank.zip_links

Cheers – Kook
direct download from Usenet - 14 days free access +300GB
usenet.nl/download/Cloud Industry Loomer CUMULUS CM Preset Bank


  Resident 11.09.2011 120
THX,...and may I ask for Cumulus too?
  Member 13.05.2011 911 3596
THX,...and may I ask for Cumulus too?

Of course you can ask buddie! yes

H3llO AudioZ!
  Resident 11.09.2011 120
THX... mates ...but for PC would be just perfect !!! yes
  Member 13.05.2011 911 3596
THX... mates ...but for PC would be just perfect !!! yes

No problem mate – check your PM! wink

H3llO AudioZ!
  Resident 2.10.2008 165
@Carface and others
Might I kindly suggest to have a look at this page's content, you'll be surprised to find a search field between the nice text, colorful graphics and ad banners, and one that actually even works ;-)
  Resident 29.01.2012 1344
Any Idea where to put this?
  Resident 6.07.2011 80 753
Cloud Industry Loomer CUMULUS CM Preset Bank
55.14 MB

If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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