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[dead] 2cAudio Aether Presets Jul 2011 screenshot
2cAudio Aether Presets Jul 2011
Contains lots of new Presets for Aether 1.5!

NO scene release this - personal share!

MAC installation

- Unzip the files
- Put the obtained Folders into the Aether Factory Folder
- MacintoshHD > Library > Application Support > 2CAudio > Presets > factory

Enjoy my share!
download from Usenet - 14 days free access +300GB
usenet.nl/download/[dead] 2cAudio Aether Presets Jul 2011
download from multiple file hosters with just one Zevera account
download from RG and UL using Zevera. It's faster and less expensive!


  Resident 26.05.2010 3 325
Thanks a lot for your personal share wink
  Resident 13.05.2011 905 3733
You're welcome dear Gulliver.
Thanks for your comment, appreciated!
H3llO AudioZ!
  Resident 13.07.2010 12
nice nice...where the link @?
  Resident 22.07.2011 11
link please damn
  Resident 10.10.2010 40
To paki pundjabi: open the link "spoiler" where you will se the first link: mirrorcreator and here you select your right page!
  guest -- 0
The downloads doesn't work anymore. Can someone please re upload these? Would really appreciate it!
Thank you! :)
// Andreas

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