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sneakz | PLUGDATA-FX | 25 KB
16 voice pitch tracking, Resynthesis with 2 oscillators, Effects box, Pitch snapping....

A colour bass powerhouse

This plugdata device analyses audio in real time, extracts 16 voices and allows you to re-synthesize to your liking using 2 oscillators. The power to pitch-snap to a specific key allows this patch to be a colour bass MACHINE. Check socials for more details.


Voice control: Disable or enable up to 16 induvidual voices.

Slide: Give the voices some attack and release. Perfect for pads

Glide: Add Pitch glide between each voice note-change.

Key Snap: Snap the resynthesized audio to a specific key, with root and mode selection.

Oscillator control: Pitch, timbre, Filtering and distortion, giving you total control over your resynthesis.

Tape emulation: Simple soft clip and Tape "warble"

Reverb: Dry/Wet, Length and stereo width

Utility: Blend between the Dry and resynthesized audio (This is where the colour bass shines), as well as control binsize/highpass the voices. (Increasing binsize improves frequency analysis, but reduces time information)

Visualisers: This allows you to visualise 2 oscillators and where they operate in the spectrum.

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  Resident 20.05.2023 125
This is created by the son of one of my friends. Small world.
  Resident 17.01.2015 161
is this an abelton rack?
  Resident 20.05.2023 125
You need to download and install plugdata, which will install as VST3 etc during the install process, then insert plugdata-fx on a track and open the ChameleonX PD file in plugdata-fx.
  Member 17.10.2016 33 448
Can anyone help me how to pan output sound of two osc's in plugdata? I found how to create automation for glide and slide, but can't figure out how to pan both oscillators.

Monophonic sound sucks
  Member 17.10.2016 33 448
Also maybe someone knows how to limit osc range. I would like to remove high octave spikes from 4 kHz onwards, so that the oscillator cannot play in this range. 'LP Before' doesn't help

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