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Jorb Juno 106 Factory Presets for Deepmind 12 FREE screenshot
Presets | 20Kb
One Deepmind Sysex file, the 128 juno 106 default patches, copied one at a time by ear onto the Deepmind.

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  Member 25.10.2022 23
We are thinking of getting a deep mind 12. It seems like a sweet polly synth.
Always be Weird!
  Member 10.10.2020 26
I've got one, it's a bit weird. Some of the more obscure aspects are how you make it shine. If you do get one, try the following.
1/ Set it to unison for 6 rather than 12 voices. Then in the mod matrix, set the (modulator)=voice number, to effect the (parameter)=VCA Pan. And put the strength to full, (127).
The strange phasing of the voices give it a lovely, almost Jupiter like sheen.

Then play around with pitch modulation tied to note number, because the lfo's get to audio range, giving it some lovely crusty fm edge.
  Member 10.10.2020 26
I don't know how to edit, so I have to clear up a mistake. The modulator is 'uni voice', not 'voice number' which i stated above.

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