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Suzuki Kentaro Swirl v.1.0 Max for live device screenshot
AMDX | 49.38 KB
granular delay processor

(Live 10.1 or Later)

It sounds like a delay effector, but it is actually all mimicked by the complex granular system. Therefore, it is equipped with twist, under-control pitch feedback, and no drop-off freeze. Enjoy the randomness-free granular effect.

vst3 and au versions will be included in the future update


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  Member 14.09.2019 1 123
most exquise of the M4L devices shared by you, thank you so much!
  Resident 8.03.2014 9 502
Hey RT321 thanks a lot for this all also for the outhers high quality m4L you give to us.
Please guys show some love to RT321
  Member 15.12.2022 23 69
Your'e most welcome
  Member 21.01.2023 18
Great thank you RT321!!!

Been wanting to try this and was about to buy it mysef, let's see how it is...

Seems heaviest on CPU of all his devices so far, but as always with him, looks and sounds amazing
  Member 29.04.2019 2 108
I buy a lot of stuff I see on here when I can to balance the old ,,karma lol.. But these devices are pricey as fuck..!
  Resident 24.03.2013 547
I have a few of his devices but yeah he seems to be asking a lot for these since the last year of so his prices of gone way up. from 36 in 2021 to 50 for Helisert. And some products i purchased he no longer supports.
  Member 21.01.2023 18
I agree they are pricey but also maybe most M4L devices are too cheap in general? How does Fors survive with things being 10-15€? And I am saying this as someone who is pretty broke... but 50 bucks for Helisert isn't bad, you get m4l and vst for win/mac.

Take a look at prices of most vsts... the current top hyped one on this site is that Pulsar Modular yet another compressor plugin, they are selling that for $342, wtf??! And don't get me started on Eurorack prices.

I agree tho that it's annoying he takes things off his gumroad... would like to try that SYNTH-P24 but it's just gone.
  Member 3.06.2022 4 4
RT321 you are the man, can't tell you how long I've been waiting for these to drop
  Member 20.07.2019 271 2280
you're the man, sir!
  Resident 27.10.2022 115
Thanks a lot.
  Member 27.12.2018 144
thanks man!

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