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Max for Cats Studio Tools Max for Live (Ableton) ALP FREE screenshot
ALP | 201.44 KB
Christian Kleine aka Max for Cats is back with a free Max for Live Pack called Studio Tools. Included are three devices: a phase scope, an oscilloscope and a signal generator. The first two are visualiser tools for mixing, the signal generator allows for mixing with pink or white noise, or to generate a sine wave or pulse.

Phase Scope

The Phase Scope displays a Lissajous figure which shows the amount of stereo (that is, phase differences) in a dual-channel signal. It comes with two draw modes, adaptable draw size for the lissajous signal and draw grid that can be turned off. The view size can be modified and visual trails can be dialled in. You can also open the visual part of the device in a floating and size adjustable window.


The Oscilloscope can display the left, right or both channels. Settings can also be set to Auto for ease of use. The device also comes with adjustable Gain and a few other parameters. The displayed waveform can thus be analysed for properties such as amplitude, frequency, rise time, time interval, distortion, and others.

Signal Gen

The signal generator provides a sine wave, adjustable in either frequency or MIDI notes, a noise generator where white or pink noise can be selected and a pulse generator with adjustable interval. In addition the level and channel can be selected. The noise generators provide full stereo bandwidth.

Studio Tools by Max for Cats is a self-installing Live Pack for Live 11 Suite or Standard with Max for Live and up.

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Super useful
  Resident 4.10.2013 6 640
I'm looking for a good oscilloscope since 3 days... actually since yeeears.
The infamous Smartelectronix it works good, but it isn't resizable.
Will try this one right now.
Thank you.
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