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AlexB  Modern Flagship Console Golden Edition Nebula 4 Library screenshot
AlexB | Rar 44.4 Mb | Unrar 44.4 Mb
The Flagship Console

The Modern Flagship Console has set new standards as the ultimate analogue console and has become the signature of excellence for the world’s premier engineers.Producers and studios. Professionals throughout the world have chosen the full, clean sound of the Modern Flagship Console. Its high bandwidth pure audio path, superior dynamics, greater dynamic range and greater control make the Modern Flagship Console the first choice for recording and mixing the purest high fidelity recordings.

**This is only the 44Khz version**

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  Member 16.01.2014 5
Good. Can we see 96khz version soon? XD
  Resident 26.11.2012 250 172
This was given to me to post all they had was the 44 version the plate vol 3 has 96 and so does casspressors which is still waiting to be accepted by mods.
  Member 5.05.2021 9
Hey tg123, are you gonna post Tim P U76 v3 anytime soon? Thanks.
  Member 3.12.2019 105
quote by wombatastranautHey tg123, are you gonna post Tim P U76 v3 anytime soon? Thanks.

Alexb consoles?
  Member 17.12.2016 39
with the effort that tg123 has made so that you can enjoy these libraries, I don't understand what you are asking for, you should be grateful. the best thing you could do is buy and share some unpublished libraries so that tg123 can also benefit. I think that would be the most reasonable.
  Resident 26.11.2012 250 172
Thank you and yes its coming
  Member 2.06.2018 17
  Member 18.07.2020 1
Hello, can one say how to insert the files into the correct folder on win 10?
  Resident 26.11.2012 250 172
Go to c/n4repository inside that folder you will find all the corresponding folders from the release just drag and drop.Dont do that for the skins though go inside the skin folder you will see n3 and n4 folder drag the contents of the n4 folder usually its setups and properties into the main window of the n4 repository you will see folders named setups and properties .The repository dosnt go inside program files its in the initial c drive where program files,program files x86, program data all those folders are hope this helps.
  Member 13.03.2014 40
Nice, apparently this one is supposed to be one of the best/better ones for consoles
  Resident 13.08.2015 35
It is, it adds a nice glue to whatever you run through it.
  Member 15.02.2019 6
can you use the 44.1 khz console files in a 48khz session?
  Member 16.10.2017 7
Setup not working "config error"
  Member 13.03.2014 40
Tested it out yesterday, real nice

You can run the 44.1khz version in any session sample rate, N4 does it's own sample rate conversion (not sure how good/bad it is but even the 44.1khz version running in a 96khz session sold me on it regardless), if it's even better at 96khz then Fuque-me

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