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Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Cupwise Plates Of Legend Vol 3 Nebula 4 Library screenshot
Cupwise | 44Khz | 96Khz
A (stereo) gold foil plate reverb was used to make the programs in this library. They’re smaller than the more well known model plates used in parts I and II of this series, and said to sound darker. I think the reverb you get from this library is slightly darker than the stereo plates sampled for parts I and II, but not as dark as the mono ones. In my opinion this one is much ‘smoother’ than any of the previous plates too. It definitely sounds unique, but you can hear it for yourself by downloading and trying out the demo program, so do that now!

Just like the previous ones, this plate was sampled for use in Nebula to include a fully functional, sampled dampening control. It sounds and works great. You won’t find too many other Nebula reverbs with sampled adjustable controls in them, besides some of the other ones I’ve done. This does however mean that to use the 96khz version of the set you will need to be using the 64bit Nebula plugin (44.1khz version runs fine on 32bit). If you’re worried about CPU usage, I’ve made lite versions of the programs that you can use while mixing to fine tune the settings as you like, before switching to the full versions to render.

There are plenty of bonuses, just as before. This includes a stereo swapped version, a ‘mono’ version that only uses the sampled left channel from the hardware for both of your channels going into Nebula, another that only uses the sampled right channel, and another special mono version that uses a mix of the sampled left and right channels for each of your input channels (which gives a thicker sound).

Then there’s a ‘bionic’ program, which contains 3 selectable variations of the gold plate sound. These were sampled using a trick I came up with several years ago and which involves playing/recording the tones used in the sampling process at faster or slower speeds. It gives you slightly ‘darker’ or ‘brighter’ versions to use and they sound just as good as the main program, but different.

Last but not least, these plates are now skinned with excellent custom skins by Max Ponomaryov, aka azzimov! There are skins for both N3 and N4. The N3 skins allow you to switch between multiple programs without losing your settings (like the lite and full programs, or even trying out other plates).

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  Member 3.03.2020 95
Best wishes for u all
For the great lib. & downloading sites too
I'm here , That's more than enough !!
  Member 13.02.2021 26
Sounds great! Thank you so much!
  Resident 10.09.2010 1 123
Yes, thank you!
  Member 28.05.2014 81
Beautiful plate sounds. Thanks for this
  Member 18.11.2013 781
Muchas gracias por todos tus aportes. Algún miembro me podría explicarme como puedo cargar estos elementos? . Muchas gracias.
  Member 29.01.2014 36
Necesitas tener instalado el plugin N4 de acustica audio. Una vez instalado solo debes copiar los archivos correspondientes a las carpetas origen del N4.
  Member 18.11.2013 781
Muchas gracias amigo por tu ayuda.
  Member 2.11.2013 28
Awesome - thanks!!
  Member 17.12.2016 39
Thank youuuu!!
  Member 6.04.2014 43
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 17.07.2021 6
No problems here, you need copy files into vectors (N2V files), programs (N2P files), skins (use N4, N2S files)
  Member 11.07.2017 44 207
how to use this library?
  Resident 13.10.2014 36
I join the question...can you guys post the original thread about this lib and how to use it?
  Member 13.03.2014 40
Sweet, been wanting to test this out against the EAR Plates
  Member 18.02.2016 25
is it normal that the programs on the right (with the little drawings on the skin) don't load any impulses? or did I make a mistake?
  Member 13.03.2014 40
it's probably the N3 skin being used in N4 (only works with cupwise skins):

  Member 18.02.2016 25
yes, I've been using that video as a reference to use N3 skins in N4, it always worked alright except for this one. I'll give it another shot.

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