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EZX Sound Expansion - 1,77 GB
The Drums of Destruction EZX was produced by Grammy Award-winning engineer Josh Wilbur together with Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler. Individually, they have been forerunners with several groundbreaking works in their respective fields for close to two decades and together, widely acclaimed for having shaped the sound that’s made Lamb of God a mainstay force on the modern metal scene.

The Drums of Destruction EZX comes with two full kits, one of which is Chris’ personal Mapex set while the other is a Pearl* Reference kit that was handpicked by Josh and used on several of his productions. In addition, it includes five snares, one extra kick as well as Chris’ trademark abundance of cymbals. It was recorded through an SSL4064G+, various chains of analogue outboard and captured with carefully selected microphones at Josh’s studio of choice, Hybrid Studios in Orange Country, CA. With its perfectly treated one-thousand-square-foot live room, it has proved time and time again in countless sessions to be an ideal location for ambient but still tight and defined drums that have a transparent character.

Combined, the Drums of Destruction EZX gives you Chris with his forceful, driving and unique style of drumming paired with Josh’s cutting edge but still organic-sounding production style. Add to that a broad collection of custom presets, both those engineered by Josh himself, resembling a selection of highlights from his catalogue, as well as those engineered from the ground up without any reference.

No matter how crushing your guitars or bass may be, a strong foundation of drums is a key factor in any metal mix. These are drums designed to destroy. Prepare for havoc and utter destruction. You have been warned.

- Two kits (Mapex, Pearl*), three kicks and five snares
- Recorded at Hybrid Studios, Orange Country, CA
- Engineered/produced by Josh Wilbur (Lamb of God, Megadeth, Korn, Gojira)
- Sampled by Chris Adler (Lamb of God)
- 14 mix-ready presets as well as five custom “No bus FX” presets designed for multi-out purposes
- A selection of MIDI inspired by Lamb of God songs, performed by Chris Adler

Works with EZdrummer v2.1.7 or Superior Drummer v3.1.2 and higher!

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  Resident 22.08.2013 5 278
Thanks Talula!
  Member 2.05.2019 24
thanks, very thanks Talula
  Member 2.03.2019 46
I love you guys
  Member 5.01.2014 91
Thanks for this one !
  Resident 25.01.2016 21 830
Yay I was waiting for this since it got released. Thank you!
  Resident 18.08.2018 262
Talula is love! Thanks a lot!
  Resident 21.03.2018 206
HUGE Thanks, Talula
Huge Thanks to all hard working teams, suppliers, admin, mods & members for their work, efforts & input!
Patience, respect, gratitude & appreciation... always ;)
  Member 11.01.2014 58
  Banned 22.10.2018 422
I wish there could be SDX version (i couldnt match to any exist SDX library), this ones sound good but EZX libraries layers, mics, articulations limited.
  Member 18.10.2019 1 143
Search audioz, the sdx was already posted for death and destruction. Two seperate packs.
  Resident 22.08.2013 5 278
That is Death and Darkness. A SDX of Drums of Destruction doesn't exist, yet.
  Member 18.10.2019 1 143
Ah, I misread scrolling too fast. I was thinking the death and darkness pack.
  Member 15.10.2017 531
But at least you can use the pieces from it in SD3 to build your own kits, right?
I mostly use three template kits (big kits) with drum kit pieces I swapped out to build the final kits. It is surely not recreating the original mix, but it is easy while a project is playing to swap out the pieces. I like to start with large kits so I don't ever end up wishing I had 4 toms.
I have been using Avatar as a template a lot, but i've never tried doing anything with double-kicks. Of course it's good to go with some preset kits for their more consistent and intended sound.
And as mentioned, the Death & Darkness (I only just installed the Death part, but I will get around to the Darkness ....
  Member 22.05.2018 5 28
Thanks, Talula. How do you install this library on a Mac?
  Member 10.03.2014 19
cant add this in my library of Superior Drummer 3

i renamed it in
*EZX Drums of Destruction*
*SL-Drums of Destruction*

I do not know...
  Member 22.05.2018 5 28
I can't visualize it in EazyDrummer2 on a Mac with High Sierra.
  Resident 22.08.2013 5 278
I placed the EZX2_DrumsOfDestruction folder at Program Files (x86)/Toontrack/EZDrummer before I opened Superior and Superior found the library without me locating it.
  Member 2.03.2019 46
This is the default path:

c:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Toontrack\EZDrummer\

Everybody should copy the folder "EZX2_DrumsOfDestruction" and its "MIDI" folder.

The best trick ever:

If you are using older EZDrummer than v2.1.7 and Superior older than v3.1.2 than you have to edit the "Aversion" file with Windows Notepad and correct the "minreq" to 3.0.0 Superior and EZD 2.0.0

That's it there will be no errors like "you have to update your bla bla bla
  Member 28.11.2016 48
Thank you very much for share Talula ! ! ! .
  Member 29.09.2016 81
Is this windows only?
  Member 29.12.2016 61
When I try to load in SD3 it asks for the serial number. I have a legit SD3. Uh oh. Any ideas? Thank you.
  Member 15.11.2014 1 125
Perhaps, because you are using legitimate SD3, I believe by logic, that this library works with the versions of SD3 that are here in the Audioz community
  Member 30.05.2019 9 79
Thanks, pls bring the Death Metal Ezx too, its the best sounding ezx of all, if possible also the Dark Matter ezx,
both are based on the Death and Darkness Sdx, so u know its good stuff, really good for who cant download +130GB Sdx files
  Member 30.08.2015 3
Hi dudes, is this one for mac? i can't find the installer.


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