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Celestial Spheres Library for Halion screenshot
Halion Library | 2.53 GB
Celestial Spheres - Heavenly Bodies in Motion. Where Spheres are transmuted to Sound and Celestial Orbits are transmuted to movements in sound energy. And movement is emotion, beautiful whether as matter or energy.

Celestial Spheres - lush, evolving, deep movement that is beautiful in its simplicity and complexity - is the theme of our first venture in sound libraries. Celestial Spheres is full of evolving sounds, whether they are keyscapes, fusing beautiful or exotic alien keys layered with back drops of moving musical textures, or full blown lush ambient soundscapes suitable for epic soundtracks or simply to infuse evocative ambient scenes or color into modern productions.

That said, Celestial Spheres for Steinberg's Halion 6 is full fledged sound library, covering a diverse assortment of patch categories -- from ambient soundcscapes to modern leads, plucks, and basses. Whether your crafting epic soundtracks or other ambient scenery and your productions need Soundscapes, Lush Evolving Sounds, Atmospheric Pads and Keys, or your producing the latest contemporary electronic music in need of of seriously deep and solid snappy basses, or highly unique contemporary leads or plucks, Celestial Spheres has you covered. It was designed to be inclusive and cater to just about any contemporary productions, with many dozens of highly unique, quality presets for each category.

The Celestial Spheres Sound Library contains 438 programs/presets using pure synthesis and multi-samples (including original Nord 2 Lead samples). Furthermore, the presets can be divided into two categories and can be purchased seperately. The Atmospheres Library (Pads, Soundscapes, Keys, Musical FX, Synth Choirs) and the Electronica Library (Leads, Plucks, Basses, Keys, Formant Choirs). Both are hybrid sound libraries containing original multi sampled material that is either layered with other multi-samples, or fused with live synthesis using any of Halion's excellent sythesis methods -- granular, wavetable, or VA. In addition, Celestial Spheres also includes original Nord Lead 2 multi-samples in addition to many dozens of unique, completely synthesized Halion instruments.

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  Member 16.01.2014 13
Much appreciated. Any hints as where to install?
  Resident 10.09.2012 10 120
  Member 20.03.2014 96
Thank you Olymoon and 'anonymous member' for the opportunity to test this one!
I've tried it and like it. Will definitely buy it if I use it in my compositions.
If nothing goes right, go left!
  Resident 12.03.2014 611
Halion 6...several synthesis engines... custom interface build.... great sounds...not a lot of people using it. ...

When we see names like Devine ...and other big guys, we know those soundbanks will sound great... and people will want to buy that vsti...

With halion, there are basically no commercial soudbanks available, excepting a few rare items.

They made halion 6 in a way sound designers could easily create a library, export it and sell it. Too bad...

I wonder if most sound designers aren't willing to spend several months creating a library/soundbank for a product that is locked behind a hardware dongle.

Damn, new soundbanks do help selling instruments. Why can't steinberg spend 40 or 50'000 euros, and let 15 or 20 pro sound designers create 15-20 big soundbanks ?...
That would give the impression a ton of people is interested in halion...

So many bad decisions. .. like selling the amazing cmc units, for 150 bucks each, and even selling a simple 3-unit stand, for another 150...

At 50-70 bucks each unit, and with a driver compatible with all daws, steinberg would have sold MILLIONS of those cmc units. They look and work amazing. But they were too greedy. .. one again.
  Resident 19.10.2012 91
Thankyou for this AudioZ peeps..superb!

Agreed, HALion is brilliant and it's only Yamaha's cheap ass sound development that holds it back against Kontakt.
music in the city of the future..
  Resident 10.09.2012 10 120
Does not work in Halion Sonic /SE!!
  Resident 10.09.2012 10 120
quote by megacityoneHALion is brilliant and it's only Yamaha's cheap ass sound development that holds it back against Kontakt

Agreed! Halion is so versatile. Kontakt has always been a bad ass sampler that sounds awful digital!!
  Member 1.04.2015 137
quote by rotongDoes not work in Halion Sonic /SE!!

This Version seems to be for Halion, it's Working in Halion for me, but not in HS or HSSE,
on the Webside they sell also for HS
  Member 17.01.2014 440
Yes, designer says it works in all Halion versions including 3 SE, but after registry and been shown OK into Library Manager, presets are not shown into Halion 3 SE...
Into the install notes he gives a lot of explanations to avoid troubles, so, seems not to be easy to make it works sometimes.
  Member 17.01.2014 440
After some days : This one only works into Halion 6 full.
When someone buys this product, download includes Halion Sonic SE 3 version, but "that" is not here.
  Resident 24.06.2010 82
  Member 12.08.2019 1 54
anybody have a torrent for this?

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