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[dead] Madonna Acapella Collection [ZIP] screenshot
Madonna Acapella Collection [ZIP] | 495 MB
Madonna Acapella Collection

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  Resident 17.02.2010 54
Can Madonna really sing... without any studio magic tools ??
I doubt it... winked
THX anyway bow
and btw who wants to make a single track with Madonna's voice ??? NOT me !!! no
  guest -- 0
@M4Freedom...... Can you Produce without out any stolen Warez ??
I doubt it.. no One of her Vocal samples strategically place in an original track would get more response than an album's worth of your bullshit tracks. lol When Gaga, Beyonce, Ri Ri etc can still have hits for 25 years Like Madonna then you can knock Madonna's "Voice".
  guest -- 0
@dway: WELL SAID! wink
  guest -- 0
does any can reup please, thanks
  guest -- 0
That post possesses absolutely NO logic whatsoever.
"Can you Produce without out any stolen Warez ??" -dumb.
The software being legal or not, has nothing to do with musical talent & you know nothing of the response their music would get as opposed to using a Madonna vocal sample.
"..When Gaga, Beyonce, Ri Ri etc can still have hits for 25 years Like Madonna then you can knock Madonna's "Voice". -dumb.
Those other singers careers has NOTHING to do with M4Freedom being able to "knock" Madonna's "voice". Madonna isn't even as talented vocally as Beyonce OR "Ri Ri" anyway. If they're not around in 25 years, it won't change that fact. All it would mean is they weren't as LUCKY as Madonna. Britney will more-than-likely be around in 11 years and she's not so talented vocally also. Talented performers are overlooked everyday in favor of these moderately-talented, scantly-clad, sex kittens (or cougars in Madonna's case lol).

We get it, you're a fan, albeit an unrealistic and illogical one.

"@dway: WELL SAID.." -even dumber for supporting such ill logic just because they're a fan of mediocre stripper-singers.

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