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SampleTank Instrument Expansion Platinum for Sampletank screenshot
TEAM MAGNETRiXX 04 December 2013 | 16.9 GB
The SampleTank Expansion Platinum Edition contains every available library for SampleTank from Sonic Reality, the leading developer for this enduring and widely-used format. This is one-stop shopping to get all 36 volumes … EVERYTHING from the Sonic Reality vaults in SampleTank format. That's the 17 libraries of the SampleTank Instrument Expansion Gold Edition, the 15 style paks of the ReTank Expansion Gold Edition and all 4 volumes of Studiophonik Multichannel Instruments Complete. Get it ALL with the SampleTank Expansion Platinum Edition.


Studiophonik Multichannel Instruments for SampleTank!

Now you can mix between dry and ambient mics for drum kits, choose and mix between different pick ups for your guitars and bass sounds in real-time, process raw acoustic and electric studio instruments with 32 studio quality effects and more!


•Volume 1: Custom Drum Kits 1

•Volume 2: Guitars

•Volume 3: Basses

•Volume 4: Custom Drum Kits 2

•SampleTank Instrument Expansions

•Acoustic Drums Collection 2

•Acoustic Guitar Collection 2

•Bass Collection 2

•Cinematik Collection

•Electric Guitar Collection 2

•Electronic Drums

•Hip Hop Instruments

•OmniSynth 2

•Piano Collection 2

•Sample Arp Solo

•SampleOB Xpander

•Symphony Strings 2

•World Instruments Collection

•Vocal Collection

•Vintage Keys Collection

•Film Orchestra Vol 1

•Film Orchestra Vol 2

15 Style Paks

The new ReTank Style Pak series offers loop libraries focused on a particular style or genre. ReTank Gold Edition includes the following 15 Style Paks with groove slices in SampleTank format along with midi (similar to exported REX files with each slice mapped to the keyboard):

Blues Grooves - features acoustic drum kit grooves in Rock and Blues and a variety of shuffle grooves, Blues beats with fills, pickups, snare rolls, snare builds, hat and ride variations, brushes and

Country Folk Rhythms - includes a variety of instrument riffs such as acoustic guitar, dobro, banjo, mandolin, fiddle and bass as well as drum and percussion grooves for a complete Rock, Country, Folk or Bluegrass
rhythm section.

Drum and Bass - includes high-speed breakbeats and blistering, distorted bass lines created by Paul Kodish, Brian Dillman and the team of Q Up Arts and Sonic Reality. Includes over 500 authentic loops in Apple Loops format for progressive Drum and Bass, Jungle, IDM and beyond.

Hip Hop: Dirty South - features over 500 authentic Dirty South loops from beats, basses and leads to full construction kits and beyond: all the essentials you need to make the hottest productions on the planet! Simply drag and drop to mix and match endless combinations of grooves.

Jazz Grooves - includes acoustic Jazz drum rhythms with Swing ride beats, brush grooves, Big Band drumming and more, performed by drummers (like Danny Gottlieb) who have played with Jazz legends such as Pat Metheny, Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea and more.

Latin Afro-Cuban Grooves - from individual and combined percussion such as congas, bongos, shakers, handbells, guiros, clave, maracas and more to full drum kit grooves this collection can add spice to any music production.

Latin Brazilian Grooves - offers a range of drum and percussion loops with authentic latin flavor in the styles of Samba, Baion, Batucada, Parlito, Pop,
Funk, Bossa, Marcha and more.

Latin Caribbean Grooves - offers a range of drum and percussion loops with authentic latin flavor in the styles of Bolero, Guacuanco, Bomba, Calypso, Bembe, Bomba, Guiro, Mozambique, Yongo, Bata, ChaCha, Rumba, Danzon, Son, Merengue and more.

Nashville Pop Grooves - Acoustic drum Country, Folk, Rock & Pop grooves including both drum and percussion rhythms. Features over 600 drum and percussion grooves.

Sixties Motown Grooves - Authentic Rhythm & Blues and Soul grooves from the late 60's and early 70's. From crackling 45 vinyl loops to the clean and warm classic Detroit studio sound and beyond. Features over 600 drum and percussion grooves.

Trip Hop Beats - Includes fresh urban/electronic
construction kits made up of catchy bass lines, unusual effects, gritty beats and textures, synth leads, vocal licks and more. The ideal source for creating new IDM and Trip Hop tracks in styles similar to artists like Moby, Massive Attack, Bjork, Sneaker Pimps and others.

Urban Grooves - From classic lo-fi street beats to authentic vocal beatboxing and DJ-style vinyl scratches, this collection is an incredibly powerful and useful source of grooves for any Urban-style music producer.

Vintage Rock Grooves - Live acoustic drum grooves in styles made famous by bands like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Boston and more. Features over 600 top quality drum kit grooves with extra fills and variations.

Vintage Soul Grooves - Features classic Funk and Soul grooves from the 60's & 70's. This collection offers authentic drum grooves, percussion and electric bass lines and is the ultimate source for adding that vintage flavor to your tunes.

World Grooves - A variety of percussion instrument rhythms from all over the globe. Includes Djembe, Big Drum Ensembles, Dumbeks, Native American Drums, Shakers, Maracas, Cabasas, Shika, Tambo, Udu Pot and more.

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  Member 15.09.2012 213
  Resident 6.05.2010 7 320
never been impressed with sonic reality, but maybe there's something useful here, nice upload.
  Resident 14.05.2012 1 284
is this new?
suck my, Big Mac
  Releaser 21.07.2012 9102 1064
is this new?

of course
  Resident 25.04.2012 72 7064
is this new?

There's a release date right (and I mean right) below the picture: 04 December 2013
Eden To Abyss
  Member 5.11.2013 8
thanks for this. now i just need to download sampletank
  Resident 1.08.2011 19 250
Thanx a lot for this massive share, someone can re up the Sampletank .app/plugins for mac, please ? ;-)

  Resident 14.05.2012 1 284
There's a release date right (and I mean right) below the picture: 04 December 2013
rofl mates

i can read too

i have only asked because 7 of this expansion was shared before

sample tank has alot of good sounds if you have all expansions of the past and this now THXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
suck my, Big Mac
  Moderator 21.01.2012 843 6266
Thank you Sunny I was just about to delete Sample Tank... now I changed my mind rofl
  Resident 18.09.2011 132
Its worth noting that SampleTank 3, which will be available as a 64bit AU plugin.. should be released shortly according to their website...
  Resident 12.11.2010 1 46
if i can download them 13 - 15 years ago it could have been perfect but they are just useless after the Kontakt.
  Resident 1.04.2011 21
any problem using these with a legit version of sample tank?
  Resident 6.05.2010 7 320
Thank you Sunny I was just about to delete Sample Tank... now I changed my mind

you probably will anyways, lol
  Member 28.03.2012 1 34
I JIZZ IN MAH PAAAANZ :) arhm, thanks Sunny, you made my day/month ^^
  Moderator 21.01.2012 843 6266
7th I've just figured out that sample tank have no 64bit version, so you'r right.
  Resident 6.05.2010 7 320
their site says this pack has all their libraries yet it doesn't have the 3 squids sets
  Resident 30.01.2010 1 1416
electrolover u had me swatting my screen for that Damn bug Dope rofl
  Resident 26.05.2010 3 325
I just bought the IK Total Studio 3 bundle for 84$ at the Black Friday sale.
Insane price for what is included.

And now I will also have an upgrade path to Sample Tank 3 yes
  Resident 27.12.2010 16 343
Here are the errors I found while unzipping:

\OmniSynth 2\Bonus Larger Instruments\098 Soundtrack.stw. The file is corrupt
\Symphony Strings 2\Ensemble Strings\Small Ensemble Strings.stw. The file is corrupt
\Symphony Strings 2\String Sections\Viola Small Ens.stw. The file is corrupt
\World Instruments Collection\Ethnic Wind\Snake Flute.stw. The file is corrupt

Anyone helps reup them? Thanks in advance.
  Resident 6.10.2012 43
it's a tank alright! Thank you! Cheers wink
The power of the Dark Side.
  Resident 1.08.2011 19 250
Is that working with the Free player ?

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