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multi-libraries, instruments
Sample Logic Thunder Springs KONTAKT-AUDIOXiMiK screenshot AUDIOXiMiK 10 November 2.31 GB
THUNDER SPRINGS is a collection of 450+ rare and mutilated Instruments & Multis derived entirely from recordings of the signature cinematic sound of Spring Drums & Thunder Tubes. Weighing in at over 3GBs, THUNDER SPRINGS not only includes amazing, ready-to-play, psychoacoustically sampled Spring Drums & Thunder Tubes, but uses these instruments to enter into the morphed world of score-ready hybrid percussion.

Spring Drums and Thunder Tubes are small drums with a long coiled spring attached. These percussive instruments are designed in multiple shapes and sizes that create unique timbres sounding like a blend between thunder, a gong, and a dijeridoo. In developing THUNDER SPRINGS Sample Logic was able to hunt down every size drum produced, many of which are no longer in circulation.

Sample Logic went well beyond standard performance and recording techniques with the Spring Drum and Thunder Tube instruments. Along with standard multisampling, they also used hammers, chains, crowbars, saws, and stretched the springs to capture insane timbres that have never been heard with these drums. From this material, Sample Logic was able to craft the finest dynamic and original acoustic cinematic sounds possible.

THUNDER SPRINGS spectacular user interface was designed with the composer and sound designer in mind, providing effortless control for complete user customization. The core of THUNDER SPRINGS is focused around the user experience, providing the freedom to infinitely transform samples into awesome twisted evolving instruments with endless possibilities.

The interface includes:

“Multi-core Effect Sequencers” for real-time effect automation

“Triggers” – 48 unique effect chains

“Arpeggigater” – sequencer based gate effect

A LFO section to make things wobble

“Wave” – additive synthesis engine

“Pitch” sequencer for quick and easy pattern based transpositions on the fly

“Multi Script Macros” for real-time sequencing of instrument parameter controls

Tech Specs

•Over 450 Instruments and Multis delivered at 44.1k/24-bit.

•Just OVER 3 GB sample library using Kontakt’s lossless sample storage compression

•Requires the retail version of Kontakt 5.1

•Native 64-bit support

System Requirements & Compatibility

•Requires the full retail version of Kontakt 5.1 or higher (will not work in the free player version)

•Mac OS X 10.7 or 10.8 (latest update), Intel Core Duo, 2 GB RAM (4GB recommended)

•Windows 7 or Windows 8 (latest Service Pack, 32/64 Bit), Intel Core Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2, 2 GB RAM (4GB recommended)

•3 GB free disk space for THUNDER SPRINGS sample content

home page:

Sample Logic Thunder Springs KONTAKT-AUDIOXiMiK screenshot

Sample Logic Thunder Springs KONTAKT-AUDIOXiMiK screenshot
download from Usenet - 14 days free access +300GB Logic Thunder Springs KONTAKT-AUDIOXiMiK
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  Resident 28.03.2013 1 169
very interesting! thanks heaps (:
  Resident 25.04.2012 73 7264
Yeah this looks like my jam, might pick this one up. phones
Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the board rules.
  Member 4.11.2013 84
thanks keep them coming we can use them all nice job!!!!!!!! headbang
  Resident 30.01.2012 2064
Im indeed no saint myself, but this is going completlty out of control!

Do you all (Im not talking to all the newcomming people in here) but old members (residents/members) truly thing this massive share of libraries is OK?

I dont!

Nobody forces you to download any of these libraries and if this is difficult to you just leave
  Resident 22.01.2009 46
The problem with Sample Logic libraries is if you want a simple chromatic instrument, instead you get 300 funky robots singing thru wah-wahs.
  guest -- 0
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 5.08.2011 95
Thanks Spider... thanks LV-426! mates
  Resident 28.05.2012 535

The problem with Sample Logic libraries is if you want a simple chromatic instrument, instead you get 300 funky robots singing thru wah-wahs.

Exactly what i was thinking. Their libs all sound exactly the same to me. And you can spot a SL instrument a mile off
  Resident 27.02.2013 309
Diabulus in Musica,

What FTP in the thousands do you speak of?

Anyhow, some of the heat comes from uploaders who don't want to double bag it and call it something else.

And second, from people like Phloopy above who flip flop. (I'm sure his 179 comments are full of thank yous and requests prior to his statement above)

None of this is new. And the little note you put up isn't either. The world keeps turning and people keep on keeping on.
  Resident 10.11.2013 29
Can anyone clarify why alot of libraries disappeared from the site? (like all of the 8dio stuff). Or is it just me. Oh and thanks for the share ;p
  Resident 23.10.2013 124

I don't see a problem, if you download something and you use it the way the publisher intended, then you buy it. The fact that a product is here ends up being beneficial to the publisher, people can try it at their leisure and make the right decision to buy. We all know 99% of downloaders are just addicted to collecting this stuff, hardly anyone actually uses it, those who do and produce a finished product should buy it. That's what I have been doing. Spent $2k at Native Instruments this year and wouldn't have happened at all without warez.

Sure there will always be the odd dishonorable douchebag that uses a product, derives full benefit from it, but doesn't buy it. I truly believe these to be very few however.

Just downloading something and archiving it on one of our dozens of 4TB hot-swappable drives does not mean piracy. Most of the stuff I got will never see the light of day and will be forgotten and eventually erased. The few products I use, I have already bought.

Cheers mate!
  guest -- 0
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 13.07.2012 14
I bought this when it came out, some interesting things in it, but I'd like to have tried it before purchasing it.
  Resident 11.05.2012 31
" The world keeps turning and people keep on keeping on "

That's true but it's better not to kill the goose that lays the golden egg..
This FTP we are talking about is like a secret place with private members and have it's own rules like here on AudioZ.
I you break the rules in your own side, it's just a double cross.
Because of cocksucker, it's the beginning of the end and could be the end at all.

" We all know 99% of downloaders are just addicted to collecting this stuff "

I'm agree with this, this is this excess of desire that could kill the scene, we have to know what we do with this and why.
If it's only for pleasure, it's not a problem but I hope that it's for making good music too and not only to collect.
I remember team ASSIGN decided to stop because of too many beggars that want more and more stuff.
I also remember reading in other Nfo. team, " Buy the stuff if you use it " or members say " Buy it if you really need it " when people say they " NEED " it on Request.
All these exemples to explain that this is when greedy people want to do more that they should do for fame, ego or for money that problems comes.
The problem is here ethical and economical too.
You can break the rules or fight the power if you want but not go wrong about friends or other members of the same community.
Seriously, Do intelligent people shout oneself in the foot ? Except by accident but leaking is not when it's have been done not only for fame but for earning money with.
Cracker don't really kill the market, only for a small part of it sometime I think. In my opinion, mainly they could give acces to the futur of sound for many poor artists like me, but if people decide to make money with warez stuff leaking people who already make money with it too, this is more than one a dog chasing its tail..
We have to choose a side for a longtime, not making "Flip-Flop" for a few moment.
This is just a double cross, nothing different.
NOTHING is free but when price and quality are both interesting, this is nonsense to betray people that do their best to give us the best libraries and software you could ever find.
To continue with animals comparison, it's like a Trojan Horse in his own fortress.
ThanXX everybody for your interest.
Keep the scene real and alive !
Developers For The Futur, Crackers To Make It Possible
  Administrator 1.01.2004 292 1077
Diabulus in Musica, thank you for that message, but it has nothing to do neither with AudioZ, nor this release, therefore it is an offtopic which i'll have to remove, to prevent further offtopic and fights in comments as a consequence.

Can anyone clarify why alot of libraries disappeared from the site? (like all of the 8dio stuff). Or is it just me. Oh and thanks for the share ;p

had to take them down because 8Dio sent DMCA requests sad
  Resident 10.11.2013 29
That's sad to hear. Thanks for the info. Did anything else get taken down except the 8dio stuff?
  Resident 10.04.2010 143
seems GREAT ! i'm gonna catch it thanx SOOOO much !
  Resident 28.05.2012 535
That's sad to hear. Thanks for the info. Did anything else get taken down except the 8dio stuff?

Looks like Embertone stuff has disappeared as well. Be an idea to get a list of all the blacklisted companies ?
  Resident 28.10.2013 170
ok if 8DIO and other blacklisted developer don't want their libraries appear we can look in neighborhood site...
Keep Peace On Earth
  Resident 27.02.2013 309

Handing anyone a full blown copy of a marketed product and saying "If you like it then buy it" does not make it a promo release or add any legality to it. It is what it is.. as simple as that. The biggest concern has been whether any major developers would discontinue marketing their products based on an over abundance of sharing. These are the sources at hand before it touches servers and the sharing even begins.. and these developers will continue to release products and do business regardless. And I'll tell you why. It's because despite what claims are made by developers they have enough common sense to know 99 out of 100 people who will download something for free would not get it any other way. Therefore, if they are losing profit it is at a 1 percent margin at best. I guarantee you the majority of people who claim they downloaded a full working version of something free then turned around and bought it are using this false testimony only to support some nonsense that came out of their mouth. I'll catch the same people a few threads later sounding lost.. "Does this mean they cracked iLok.. maybe we'll see Cubase 7 soon?". It's a dead giveaway.. because they would have bought what "wasn't" available for free a long time ago if their claims were legit.

You've got some greedy film makers with brittle theories as if each download instance of a movie counts as a man not taking his whole family to see it who would have also in turn rushed to buy the bluray as soon as it hit the shelf. You've got other film makers who openly express that a man who downloads a movie for free can either not afford to take his whole family see it and/or is not interested enough in the movie to pay to see it in the first place.

In my own words, AudioZ is a community of music makers who share dreams and ambitions which surpass their budgets.

If there's a rich man visiting AudioZ every day so he can clean up I'd say shame on him. But I doubt that's the case at all. Most people here just want some tools that will assist them better and cannot afford to keep up with the pace any other way. SAiNT's caption, "we're not pirates, we're poor artists" is exactly what we are when speaking about it in general. Needy and greedy don't fit the same bill.
  Member 4.07.2013 48
headbang nic sound
  Member 28.03.2012 34
Yeah. At the first YT Demosound i thought it's a new Song from "Das Ich" rofl
  Resident 10.02.2013 8 592
coole sache...das ich !!! yes
Danke spider fuer dieses big dinge wink
  Member 11.12.2013 22
  Member 12.06.2013 35
link 2 on rg dead
  Member 17.01.2015 166
wonderful! thank you!

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