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multi-libraries, MIDI, SF, Akai
[dead] Project SAM SAM Solo Sessions [GIG] screenshot
Team: DELiRiUM | Date: 03-05-2005
For SAM SOLO SESSIONS: BRASS we sampled a set of 6 new solo brass instruments. Where our section libraries offer you instrument sections playing in unison, SAM SOLO SESSIONS: BRASS offers you solo performances. Each of the six players was recorded separately. Obviously this library is great for playing brass solo passages. In addition, another great use is for brass orchestration. You will get a more realistic result programming a 4-note French Horn chord using solo samples than using section samples. The last will result in an unrealistic performance by 4x4 = 16 French Horns! All recording sessions for SAM SOLO SESSIONS: BRASS have taken place in one location a classical concert hall, using a fixed combination of three microphone sets. This results in a perfect match between the instruments, making them ideal for balanced, deep sounding brass orchestrations.

- The Instruments -
For SAM SOLO SESSIONS: BRASS a set of six solo brass instruments was sampled, covering a wide range of over five octaves:
* Piccolo Trumpet
* Bb Trumpet
* French Horn
* Tenor Trombone
* C Tuba
* Cimbasso

- SPECIAL FEATURE: Ensemble patches -
This library is great for more than writing solo brass passages. Apart from the solo brass programs you will find an additional set of so-called ensemble patches in this library. These patches spread different orchestrations of our solo instruments across the keyboard for real-time "tutti" playing. This will give you a very full, powerful sounding brass ensemble that is capable of handling much more than just sketching ideas!

- The articulations -
The articulations and techniques available in this library slightly differ for each of the six instruments, to capture the most instrument-specific playing styles. After all, each of the instruments has a different playing idiom! As an example, pedal notes down to low F have been recorded for the Tenor Trombone. High blow sustains and octave runs are available for Piccolo and Bb Trumpet. Of course the basic articulations, such as long notes, marcatos and staccatos, are available for all instruments. SAM SOLO SESSIONS: BRASS contains 100% new recordings for Piccolo Trumpet, French Horn, Tenor Trombone, C Tuba and Cimbasso and additional recordings for the solo Bb Trumpet. The basic Bb Trumpet articulations included in this library are from the SAM Trumpets library solo recordings. Please see the detailed articulation list below.

- Microphone Sets -
As mentioned before, SAM SOLO SESSIONS: BRASS was recorded in a concert hall using three simultaneous microphone sets:
* CLOSE - Microphone set at 2 meters from the player's position
* STAGE - Microphone set at 7 meters from the player's position
* FAR - Microphone set at 15 meters from the player's position
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