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ElectroniSounds - Man Vs Machine - Stab Pack 01 [WAV] screenshot
ElectroniSounds - Man Vs Machine - Stab Pack 01 [WAV] | 8MB

Electronisounds presents this awesome pack of 75 heavily processed one-shot STABS to suit ALL styles of electronic music. No matter what style of music you produce, you'll find some killer lead/stab sounds here that will gel perfectly in your latest mix!

Inject new life into your music with the phattest stabs! These samples were created from hardware and virtual synths, and have been heavily layered, filtered and processed to deliver the highest quality sounds for your tracks.

Electronisounds have sampled and layered real guitars with synths, real basses with synths, vocals with synths and so on... Most of these one-shots contain 3 or more individual sound layers, each carefully EQ'd, filtered and effected to achieve a sweet, thick & phat sound.

Many of these stabs are also very "stereo" sounding, providing you with a "wide & synthy" sound that can easily handle the "lead part" on any of your new mixes.

Available for download only, you can get new synth/stab sounds for your music in hours, not days! 75 all-new, original stab samples.

ALL samples are tuned to "C"


Bringing these sounds to you in standard .WAV format means anyone programming music on a PC or mac can use these sounds!

These loops and sounds will slide effortlessly into any .WAV compatible music-sequencing program such as: ACID, Sonar, Cakewalk Project 5, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Cubase, Fast Tracker, Orion, Fruity Loops, Impulse Tracker, Cakewalk Club Tracks, ReLoop2, Buzz, Leaf Drums, MasterBeat, Recycle...etc.

These .WAV's will also work directly with the AKAI S5000 & S6000, Roland SP-606 or any other hardware or software sampler that can read standard .WAV samples.

Price : (USD $5.89)


ElectroniSounds - Man Vs Machine - Stab Pack 01 [WAV]

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ElectroniSounds - Man Vs Machine - Stab Pack 01
WAV | 8.63 MB

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