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Epic Stock Media Scifi Shooter Game WAV-FANTASTiC screenshot
FANTASTiC | 16 May 2024 | 1.70 GB
Blast off into a dark sci-fi world teeming with creatures and unknown wonders. Introducing the heart-pounding warfare and general FPS and; Sci-fi game audio SFX pack filled with the intensity you need to start your first-person shooter game. Welcome to "Sci-Fi Shooter Game" - a game audio sound effects library featuring over 1100+ designed SFX, tailored specifically for game developers and sound designers seeking a solid foundation for their game audio. Build alien atmospheres, futuristic battlefields, UI sequences, gizmos, gadgets, doors, mechs, robots and; more. Sci-fi Shooter Game covers almost all your needs, whether it's a dark synth-wave loading screen music loop, the realistic clanks of robotic mechanical footsteps, the futuristic hum of UI elements, or the thunderous blast of weapons; every sound is expertly crafted for maximum impact and intensity. With over 78 minutes of finely tuned audio and a solid foundation of almost everything needed to complete a sci-fi shooter game, you’re in for an action-packed adventure.

This powerful sound effects starter kit is the answer to your game audio dilemmas, providing a seamless solution for game developers and sound designers. Eliminate the guesswork of finding the right sound files, creatures, ambiences and; music – from dynamic multi-layered music tracks, to punchy weapons to intricate menu UI / UX, ambient sounds of a futuristic world, this library has you covered. 

Your Ultimate Starter Kit for Sci-Fi Game Audio 

Dive into the world of game audio design with Sci-fi Shooter Game, the ultimate starter kit for crafting immersive soundscapes in your sci-fi game. With over 4 months of meticulous development, this comprehensive library is a treasure trove of meticulously curated audio assets, offering almost everything you need to elevate your game's audio, from intense combat sequences to ambient world-building, and even captivating music. Perfect for both budding and seasoned sound designers, Sci-fi Shooter Game provides a versatile foundation, ensuring that every auditory element needed for a game contributes seamlessly to the overall sci-fi experience. Step into the future of game audio creation with this all-encompassing starter kit and watch your sci-fi universe come to life with unparalleled depth and richness.

Optimized Audio Assets For Video Games, TV and; Film

All files are game ready, mastered and memory footprint optimized. Each sound effect is expertly edited and mastered to ensure seamless integration into your game, regardless of the platform or genre. All sounds are RTU-OTB (Ready to be used out of the box), which means that you can simply drag and drop the sound effects into your game engine without any additional processing or editing required. With 3.62 GB of versatile game audio assets these 1132 popular game ready audio assets it’s a given you’ll get sounds that you can quickly implement inside any Sci-fi to give it a “hit app” game feel. 

Prepare your gear bags for covert operations: Sci-fi Shooter Game - the ultimate audio companion for Sci-fi gaming!

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