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[dead] Computer Music Special - The Expert Guide to Reason with Cover CD screenshot
Computer Music Special - The Expert Guide to Reason with Cover CD | 660 MB

If you use Reason, we recommend you pick up our brand-new Computer Music Special – Reason: The Expert Guide. Featuring 100% fresh new tutorials, this magazine/disc package is everything you need to make better tracks with Propellerhead's awesome software studio.

The fun kicks off with in-depth guides showcasing the best new features in Reason 5. These will help you get to grips fast with Kong, Blocks, Dr. Octo Rex, live sampling and the new features for hardware control.

Then there's a section of Masterclasses that'll get you working like a pro with ReGroove and Reason's routing features, designing your own drums in Kong, delving into the heart of Thor, and recording vocals entirely within Reason!

Finally, a massive collection of Tips and Tricks shows you how to create today's hottest sounds step-by-step using Reason's instruments and devices. Make vocal pads, dubstep snares and wobbles, dirty, trancey, electrifying and talking synths… and more.

You get all that, plus an exclusive pro ReFill collection on the included disc, featuring sounds and patches from Prime Loops, Sample Magic, FatLoud, Nine Volt Audio and Zero G.

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  Contributor 9.06.2010 2270 703
srknth,Could you please just stop? request
Reported your bs comment to SAiNT already.
  Resident 25.08.2010 169 897
srknth: you're so crazy no
you should be banned from audioz yes
  Resident 28.07.2009 6 342
first he violates all the posting rules and now he is trying to mock us with such cheap drama?
some of the most talented pro, amature and underground audio artists come to this site on daily basis and many have their home page set to it. and you are telling us we wont be able to find 'official websites' of names like CM and Producer Loops, Mutekki Media etc unless you point us there with your cheap monely-making pay-per-view trick? maybe you are not "googlein" anymore but we can do. what do you think we are mate? 3yo toddlers?

this has gone far enough and i can't take this no more. i really doubt he is an italian as he claims to be in his profile page. so i request the mods to supply me with his ip. it does not matter whichever eastern country he is accessing from or from whichever pipe. cheap-ass stooges like him must know that there are consequences worse than being banned form a community. i say lemme at him hahaha. winked and i promise whatever happens to him, our community and this site will not be held responsible. ya i never thought i'd have to see this day here in audioz but he is pushing his luck mates. whatsayyou?
grrrrr... arrrgh!!
angry angry
happy in here... <^.^>
  Contributor 9.06.2010 2270 703
Calcatian, lol lol Seriously? lol lol
Nvm, SAiNT has banned him wink
  guest -- 0
*ontopic* rofl

Thanx for this upload, exactly what I was looking for.
Found another version before, but without the CD.
This will make my vaccation traveling a lot more educating!
  Resident 1.05.2010 41
Yup, love getting the presets for these! Thanks a tonnnnnnne!

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