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loops, MIDI, SF, Akai
The Drum Bank Music For Movie Volume 1 (Cinematic Vocals) WAV MiDi-DISCOVER screenshot
DISCOVER | January/07Th/2019 | 194MB
Music placements have become a powerful way for internet producers to make TONS of money. Getting placements on TV is one of the best ways to guarentee logevity pay of your music because everytime your music gets played, you get paid!

World Style Music is one of the most popular & in demand genres on TV. From channels like Discovery & History to HBO & Showtime, internet producers get placements EVERYDAY! TheDrumBank & LoKlass Productions have compiled the Music For Movies Kit, filled with atmospheric pads, world sounds and cinematic vocals to help producers create the world sounds you hear on all across televison.

Expand your catalog to expand your bank account!

......:::::: Product Specifications ::::::......
Format: (.WAVs) & (.MIDIs)
• 005 x Construction Kits - (Including: • (.Loops), • (.One-Shots) Samples, • (.MIDIs) Files)
• 005 x Mixed & Mastered FullMix/Preview Demos - (.WAVs/MP3s)
• 055 x Individual (.WAVs) (.Loops) Files
• 052 x Individual (.WAVs) (.One-Shots) Samples Files
• 036 x Individual (.MIDIs) Files
• 148 x Files In Total
• Key And Tempo-Labelled
• 24-Bit/44.1kHz High Quality
• Compatible With All DAWs
• PC & Mac Compatible

......:::::: PRODUCT DEMO/PREViEW ::::::......

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  Member 26.05.2012 12 1024
"Music placements... on TV is one of the best ways to guarantee longevity pay of your music because every time your music gets played, you get paid!"

Don't get your hopes up!

First of all you DON'T get "TONS of money!".

I've been doing this for 33 years now and as of this past Sunday (Jan. 6th, 2019) I have over 700 tracks of music placed on TV,film and games internationally!!

I still have to work a day job.

Now... 20 years ago, it was different. You got signed to a publisher as a staff composer and drew a salary (with bonuses) commensurate upon placements. YOU GOT PAID for composing...
Not anymore... since so many bedroom composers and DJ's have come along and driven the industry to it's bottom penny (literally), a person can have hundreds of placements and only earn a day's worth of money for which you're paid quarterly (4 times a year).

So...nowadays, it takes me a year to earn what I used to make in a week!!

Music libraries and production houses make all the money because they keep 100% of the publishing portion and "the composer gets 100% of the writer's share"... well, the sad part is the writer's share is governed by law and the going rate is shit depending on how it is used. But it starts at shit pay and goes down the toilet from there...

So yeah, don't believe the hype.

Oh... and I'm considered "successful" and have done tons of music industry, university and invitee panels on "How To Earn Money Getting Music Placements"!!

The only reason I can say this (here) is because of anonymity, otherwise the music industry would take measures against me.

Oh... and if you use this library on your compositions, I can guarantee you won't get ANY placements!!!

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