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Kontakt Wallpapers Collection Vol.21 by Noone01 screenshot
Kontakt Wallpapers | 54.62 MB
Wallpapers for:

Impact Soundworks

Acoustic Revolutions 1
Acoustic Revolutions 2
Acoustic Revolutions 3
Bravura Scoring Brass
Curio Cinematic Toy Piano
Django Gypsy Jazz Guitar
Forest Frame Drums
Furia Staccato Strings
Koto Nation
Pedal Steel
Plectra Series 1 - 8 String Acoustic Bouzouki
Plectra Series 2 Highland Harps
Plectra Series 3 Kazakh Dombra
Plectra Series 4 Turkish Oud
Plectra Series 5 Guzheng
Rhapsody Orchestral Colors
Rhapsody Orchestral Percussion
Shou Drum
Shreddage 3 Archtop Hollowbody
Shreddage 3 Precision
Shreddage 3 Stratus
Sitar Nation
Sonic Ocean
Straight Ahead Jazz Horns
The Stroh Violin
Ventus Series Ethnic Winds Bansuri
Ventus Series Ethnic Winds Duduk
Ventus Series Ethnic Winds Ocarinas
Ventus Series Ethnic Winds Pan Flutes
Ventus Series Ethnic Winds Shakuhachi
Ventus Series Ethnic Winds Tin Whistle
Vocalisa Slavic Women's Choir

Strezov Sampling

Balkan Ethnic Orchestra

Westwood Instruments

Cello Untamed

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  Member 7.09.2015 58
Hi everyone. Celestia comes without .nicnt because i didn't download the library.
Balkan Ethnic Orchestra (and few others) has a wallpaper embedded in his nicnt but i reworked it because, according to me, it wasn't nice. Some Impact Soundworks are still pending. After that i will work on Embertone and Cinematique Instruments. Have a nice day.
  Member 7.03.2019 38
thnx nooone01 for taking my request for embertone and than for this one u make me download all libraries again Kontakt 6 looks alive now
  Member 7.09.2015 58
You're welcome.
  Resident 30.01.2014 7 1359
Thank you for taking the time to build this nice Impact Soundworks compilation!!

Looks good from what I can tell. :)) Glad you're doing Embertone after this!!

Thx so much for your kind work and have a great weekend!
  Member 28.01.2018 1 529
the Comment has been Removed
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  Member 7.09.2015 58
the Comment has been Removed
  Moderator 21.01.2012 1200 11527
Post title:
Kontakt Wallpapers Collection Vol.21 by Noone01
Let's speak about conspiracy, politic and rumors (again)

  Member 7.09.2015 58
Ooops ! Sorry... I know we're being watched... Let's talk about Piracy instead ?
  Resident 30.10.2012 30 520
Thank you so very much for all of these awesome wallpapers & nicnt files! that is very awesome!!!

I was wondering if we could make request for other wallpapers for other libraries?
  Member 7.09.2015 58
Of course !

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