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Samples » Kontakt
Herbertos Fantasya I + II KONTAKT screenshot
KONTAKT | Date: 2011 | Size: 1,09 GB + 1,2 GB
These libraries contains fantastic soundscapes and pads. With these sounds you dive into the secret world of magic. Very powerful sounds are waiting for you.

Fantasya I:

• AERIA (playable pads. gregorians)
• Ancient City (angels chants, 2 pads, gong)
• Aquatic Base (whales chants, fx, 2 pads)
• Dragon's Lair (drums, pad, fx from a dragon friend of mine)
• Dropsinhabitants (fx, drops, pad)
• Enchanted Forest (wind in trees, 2 pads)
• Lost in the past (Dinosaurs fx, pad)
• Oh my...robot (vocoders+drums kRAFTWERK style)
• Secret Garden (birds chants, flutes pad)
• The ice tower (fx, pads)
• Welcome to my house (fx pads. horror style)
• ZION (futuristic fx/pad)

Herbertos Fantasya I + II KONTAKT screenshot

Fantasya II:

• Dreamlike Awakening
• El Dorado
• Elvish Haven
• Entish Rest
• Inner Child
• Moonlight Ballerina
• Mystical Mountain
• The Evil Cathedral
• ZEUS Temple

Reuploaded. PiRAT

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  Member 27.07.2013 49
Many thanks.
  Resident 10.09.2012 5 38
Beautiful sounds. Thanks mate. 86% compressed so it takes some time to unpack!!
  Releaser 5.01.2011 739 2815

Yes, nice sounds... :)
  guest -- 0
thank you
  Member 12.10.2013 29
Excellent contribution. Greetings from Mxico City keys
  Member 17.11.2013 27
This is an awesome pack. I feel like Angelo Badalamenti making music for a David Lynch film! wink
Nano-Nucleonic Cyborg Summoning
  Resident 25.04.2012 73 7102
Mister Molecular
This is an awesome pack. I feel like Angelo Badalamenti making music for a David Lynch film!

My man. mates
Eden To Abyss
  Member 14.12.2013 1 58
Thanks for the re-up buddy!!
  Member 24.10.2014 23
Thanks PiRAT for answering so fast to my request !

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