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Sonic Reality - Sonic Refills Vol 1-20 (for KONTAKT) screenshot
Sonic Reality - Sonic Refills Vol 1-20 (KONTAKT)
2500+ patches for Kontakt | NKI | Total RARSize 6.93 GB

Each of the highly affordable volumes in this over 20-volume collection offers amazing playable instruments.
Synths 1; Synths 2; Rhythm Section; Pianos & Organs; Symphonic; OmniSoundz; Reality Drums; Monster Drums; Vintage Drums; Instruments of the 60's & 70's; Retro Keys; Acoustic Folk; World Percussion; Ethnic Instruments; Film Orchestra; Triple Bass; Triple Guitars; Synths 3; Vocal Textures; Mello-T

Sonic Refills Volume 1: Synths 1 (299MB):
Includes a massive collection of synth sounds focused on Leads, Basses and Misc. Vintage & Modern synth samples and patches for Reason's Combinator, NN-XT, Malstrom and Subtractor modules. A great sonic resource for phat analog, searing digital, and retro rock sounds including the latest styles of electronic music

Sonic Refills Volume 2: Synths 2 (550MB):
Delivers even more great synth sounds focusing on pads, FX and misc. vintage & modern synth samples and patches for Reason's Combinator, NN-XT, Malstrom and Subtractor modules. (463 MB / 813 sounds)

Synths 2 offers rich analog pads, ethereal & moody textures, wicked FX and a variety of atmospheric soundscapes that work for soundtracks and the latest styles of Pop, R&B and Dance music.

Sonic Refills Volume 3: Rhythm Section (217MB):
Delivers instantly playable guitar, bass and drum multi-samples featuring finger, picked, harmonics, mutes, acoustic and electric guitars and basses as well as killer dynamic drums and percussion for every musical style to use in Reason's Combinator, NN-XT and ReDrum modules. (387 MB / 359 sounds / 104 loops)

Rhythm Section offers a great combination of elements that make up an entire backing band for songwriters and producers.

Sonic Refills Volume 4: Pianos & Organs (264MB):
Offers a variety of authentic piano, chromatic and organ sounds featuring classic Rhodes™ Wurlies™ and FM electric pianos as well as super high-quality concert grand pianos, B3T™ organs, Mallets, Clavs and other keyboard instruments.

Volume 4 is a must-have for any songwriter or keyboardist. Includes multi-sampled instruments for the Combinator and NN-XT modules. (274 MB / 279 sounds)

Sonic Refills Volume 5: Symphonic (440MB):
Offers expressive strings, brass and wind sounds featuring highly playable multi-samples and patches for a variety of solo and ensemble strings, classical and pop brass, sax, woodwinds and more, all in one value-packed Refill.

Volume 5 gives more bang for the buck than any orchestral library on the market. Works for every style of music from Pop to Classical. Includes multi-sampled instruments for the Combinator and NN-XT modules.

Sonic Refills Volume 6: OmniSoundz (141MB):
Lets you supercharge your Combinator and NN-XT modules with 128 professional-quality General MIDI (GM) instruments. Never before has GM sounded this good!

With quality instruments covering a broad spectrum of orchestral, acoustic, electric, ethnic and percussive instruments, Volume 6 is a great tool for playing any style of music within Reason. Includes multi-sampled instruments for the Combinator and NN-XT modules.

Sonic Refills Volume 7: Reality Drums (497MB):
Includes a massive collection of high-quality acoustic studio drum kits. Featuring Sonic Reality’s unique I-Map interactive mapping, left and right stick snare rolls, ghost notes, multi-dynamic positions and up to 8 velocity layers...Volume 7 delivers the ultimate in realism! From Rock to Pop, Jazz, R&B and more, Volume 7 is a must-have for anyone wanting real-sounding acoustic kits. Includes multi-sampled instruments for the Combinator and ReDrum modules.

Sonic Refills Volume 8: Monster Drums (256MB):
Includes a diverse collection of powerful drums and beats in a variety of flavors from Pop to Hip-Hop to R&B, Rock and beyond. Volume 8 is jam-packed with a variety of fresh beats for Reason's Combinator and Dr. Rex modules and playable drum hits for NN-XT and ReDrum! Select hundreds of drum hits, beat slices and loops from deep bass drums to cracking snares and more.

Sonic Refills Volume 19: Vintage Drums (244MB):
Includes acoustic and electronic drum sounds featuring classic drum kits from Ludwig® and Gretch® from the 60's as well as a great selection of vintage analog beatboxes.

This volume features authentic, old-school flavor loops and playable kits in a great selection of funky beats and electronic tones for the Combinator, NN-XT, Dr. Rex and ReDrum modules. (366 MB / 373 sounds / 249 loops)

Sonic Refills Volume 10: Instruments of the 60's & 70's (324MB):
Features vintage guitars, basses, synths and keyboards from classic Rhodes™, Wurlies™ and B3™ organs to vintage Strats™, Beatle Basses, Rickys, Moogs™, Arps™ and more.

Volume 10 has the ultimate flavor of the 60's and 70's and is a great companion to our Vintage Drums and Retro Keys refills, offering one of the most value-packed libraries ever offered at this price. Includes multi-sampled instruments for the Combinator and NN-XT modules. (409 MB / 723 sounds)

Sonic Refills Volume 11: Retro Keys (202MB):
offers a vast array of keyboard sounds ranging from organs to pads to electric pianos, leads, basses, analog synths, digital synths and the most sought-after vintage keyboards.

Volume 11 has distinct character sounds going back in time from the late 1960's to the late 90's, giving you the ability to make music from any era that relies on classic vintage keys. Includes multi-sampled instruments for the Combinator and NN-XT modules as well as patches for the Subtractor and Malstrom modules. (315 MB / 371 sounds)

Sonic Refills Volume 12: Acoustic Folk (281MB):
Includes a fantastic collection of acoustic instruments focusing on acoustic guitars and basses, pedal steels, banjo, dobro, fiddle and more. Add a little bit of that unplugged sound and acoustic warmth to Reason! Includes multi-sampled instruments for the Combinator and NN-XT modules. (338 MB / 189 sounds)

Volume 12 offers playable instruments that deliver clarity and realism for Rock, Country, Blues, Folk, Bluegrass, R&B, Soundtracks and more.

"There's a level of realism in the patches that makes them stand above other libraries costing twice as much." - EQ Magazine (Nov 2004)

"...a terrific value. These instruments are my new go-to sounds for my bluegrass and folk tracks" - Electronic Musician (Dec 2004)

Sonic Refills Volume 13: World Percussion (63MB):
Delivers a powerful collection of ethnic percussion sounds including hits and authentic Latin and African rhythms, deep djembes, congas, shakers, dumbeks, bongos, udu pots, timbales and more!

Volume 13 offers more fresh, high-quality playable ethnic drums than any library in this price range. Includes multi-sampled instruments and drums for the Combinator and NN-XT modules as well as Rex Loops, which can be used in Dr. Rex or any other .REX2 compatible sampler. (173 MB / 112 sounds / 96 loops)

Sonic Refills Volume 14: Ethnic Instruments (167MB):
offers rare and esoteric playable wind and string instruments including dulcimers, zithers and other plucked, hammered and bowed string instruments as well as exotic wind instruments.

Volume 14 is great for all styles of music ranging from Soundtracks to Dance, Pop, Jazz, Rock, World music and more.

Never before has such a diverse collection of high-quality, multi-sampled instruments been available at this price. This is a must-have library for anyone who is looking to expand their compositional and production power with sounds that are unique and different. Includes multi-sampled instruments for the Combinator and NN-XT modules. (237 MB / 205 sounds)

Sonic Refills Volume 15: Film Orchestra (308MB):
Includes Dramatic orchestra samples with strings, brass, winds and percussion for film composition with rich orchestral soundscapes, pads, combinations, solo instruments, ensembles and a variety of expressive articulations.

Sonic Refills Volume 15: Film Orchestra delivers the quality of symphonic sample libraries that cost over 20 times the price! Includes multi-sampled instruments for the Combinator and NN-XT modules. (474 MB / 200 sounds)

Sonic Refills Vol 16: Triple Bass (180MB):
offers acoustic upright and electric bass guitar for Reason's Combinator and NN-XT modules as well as hundreds of synth bass patches for the Combinator, Subtractor and Malstrom modules. Includes full tones played with finger as well as picks, mutes, slides, staccato notes, pulls, slaps and more, all from one value-packed library. (376 MB / 314 sounds)

From the deepest subtones to the smoothest warm bass you ve ever heard in Reason, Triple Bass delivers serious bang for the buck!

Sonic Refills Volume 17: Triple Guitar (649MB):
offers electric, acoustic steel and nylon guitars for Reason's Combinator and NN-XT modules as well as hundreds of guitar synth lead patches for the Combinator, Subtractor and Malstrom modules. (617 MB / 349 sound)

This award-winning Refill combines Taylor®, Gibson®, Fender® and other popular brands of 6 and 12-string guitars for strumming, picking, soloing and more, all in one incredible value-packed collection.

Triple Guitars is the proud winner of Keyboard Magazine's coveted Key Buy Award.

Sonic Refills Volume 18: Synths 3 (1.08GB):
Delivers the phattest evolving pads and moody atmospheric textures for Reason's Combinator, NN-XT, Subtractor and Malstrom modules. (544 MB / 425 sounds)

This outstanding collection brings powerful pads and unique synth sounds to Reason users at an affordable price.

Sonic Refills Volume 19: Vocal Textures (559MB):
Features an excellent selection of unique vocal sounds and phrases. From male and female vocal pad sounds to weaving textures of oohs, ahhs, mmms and other vowels sung by top professional singers from around the world, this top-quality sound collection gives Reason users powerful, expressive human voice sounds for Reason's Combinator and NN-XT modules at an incredible price. (409 MB / 236 sounds)

Sonic Refills Volume 20: Mello-T (334MB):
Features picture-perfect sampling of the vintage Mellotron® and Chamberlin® tape-based keyboards delivering must-have sounds from the classic "Strawberry Field Flutes" to the ominous "Tron Choirs" to the moody blue sound of violins and strings.

Add thousands of dollars worth of collectible vintage "Trons" to Reason's Combinator and NN-XT modules. (397 MB / 119 sounds)

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  Resident 3.01.2011 1 4170
Dose this release still have that weird pitch bend problem the last one i downloaded all the samples when the hit the Midi keyboard the sound started from a low pitch then went up in pitch weird
  guest -- 0
yes, the samples have some pitch modulation thing, so you need to manually turn the pitch speed down in kontakt.

aah... great
  Resident 22.02.2013 1 142
bigwillstylez for each sample patch???

-Two Tone
  Resident 22.08.2013 5 278
So far I've dl'd Monster Drums, Vintage Drums and Reality Drums and exported the wav's from Kontakt. Off hand I didn't notice any pitch modulation, but they were drums so it might not have been as obvious.

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