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Samples » Kontakt
SonicCouture The Conservatoire Collection COMPLETE KONTAKT screenshot
Team: KRock | Date: July 25 2012 | Size: 8.76 GB

The instruments of the great composers are museum pieces now; hundreds of years old and not in playable condition.

But in recent times period instrument specialists have begun recreating our musical past in the form of reproduction instruments.

By sourcing authentic materials and using traditional techniques from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, incredibly accurate copies of the finest historical instruments can be produced.

These beautiful new instruments bring the soundscape of our musical past to life, showing us how incredibly diverse our modern instruments’ predecessors were. We are now able to enter into our musical heritage more faithfully, and the new palette of sounds available offers fresh inspiration for composers today.

01. French Harpsichord

This instrument is a copy of a harpsichord originally made by Paul Taskin in 1762 and later enlarged by Jean Goermanns in 1780.The original instrument is one of the most copied 18th century harpsichords, Michael Johnson’s copy is highly regarded as a faithful reproduction.

- Full tuning control with user selectable scales
- Two switchable 8' string sets, with damping
- Key-off samples with level control
- Round robin samples for natural response

02. Flemish Harpsichord

A Michael Johnson copy of a harpsichord made by Johannes Ruckers, made in 1637.The copy used for the sample library was made in 2000 by Michael Johnson. Generally speaking, 17th century harpsichords are smaller, and, significantly, shorter than those of the 18th century.

- Full tuning control with user selectable scales
- 2 x 8' with damping and 4' string sets
- Key-off samples with level control
- Round robin samples for natural response

03. Theorbo

A single-strung, 14 course instrument made by Martin Haycock in 2005, after various seventeenth century Italian originals. This late Renaissance invention was the ultimate accompanying instrument of the time - by adding an extension to the neck, thick strings giving low notes were placed alongside the conventional lute meaning a player could play a bass- line and give the rhythm.

- Fret Hand postion control: gives you control over where on the fretboard the note will be played
- Full tuning control with user selectable scales
- Seperate release control for the frets and diapazon

04. English Theorbo

Although there are no surviving original instruments, there are several descriptions, illustrations and paintings of English theorbos dating from the mid- 17th C. This instrumentwas made by Klaus Jacobson in 2005.The English theorbo has much in common with the small 12-course lute, from which it developed, but it takes elements of the larger, Italian theorbo, such as the deep body.

- Fret Hand postion control: gives you control over where on the fretboard the note will be played
- Full tuning control with user selectable scales
- Seperate release control for the frets and diapazon

05. Baroque Guitar

A French style, five- course instrument: a copy of various seventeenth century originals, made by Martin Haycock. The stringing of the instrument is unusual: the five courses correspond with the top strings of modern guitars, but they are double-strung apart from the top E. During the early 17th C, the guitar was primarily used as an accompanying instrument, playing for dances or accompanying singers.

- Fret Hand postion control: gives you control over where on the fretboard the note will be played
- Full tuning control with user selectable scales
- Convolution Room processor

06. Psaltery

The Psaltery is one of the oldest of all musical instruments, mentioned in the Bible and in numerous ancient Greek texts.

A Psaltery is a diatonic instrument, used to play chords or melodies. It is played by plucking the strings with quills, one in each hand. As the notes are not stopped by the player, the long decay time give this instrument an ethereal quality.

- Full tuning control with user selectable scales
- Round robin layers for natural response

07. Baroque Timpani

The successor to the nakers - primarily an outdoor instrument - was the timpani. Used at first for ceremonial occasions with trumpets, by the 18th century the timpani found a new home in the orchestra. The drums are smaller compared to their modern counterparts, they use calf-skin drum heads, and are tuned to different notes without the aid of pedals.

- 3 Articulations : Hit, Roll and Trill
- Selectable leather and wooden beaters
- Round robin layers for natural response

08. Renaissance Side-drum

This is a medium large drum with a long shell and skins at either end held in place by wooden rings. The skins can be tightened and on the lower skin there is a snare mechanism made from two gut strings.

- Stick, trill and roll articulations
- Round robin layers for natural response

09. Nakers

A naker is a small drum, of Arabic origin, with a metal or wood dome-shaped body and animal skin drum head. Played in pairs, nakers made their way to Europe at the time of the Crusades in the thirteenth century. The instruments sampled were copies of the pair in the Montagu collection.

- Left and right hand mapping
- Round robin layers for natural response

10. Hurdy Gurdy

This instrument is a copy of a sixteenth century original in the Gemeentemuseum, The Hague, and is typical of those of the late Renaissance.

A typical hurdy gurdy of the mid-Renaissance era featured three drones strings ( made of gut), two melody strings and a further higher drone string used for rhythm, known as the trompette. This features a buzzing bridge (chien - literally “dog”) which creates a harsh sound when the player increases pressure on the wheel. Traditionally, the player would play turn the wheel to the tempo of the music, using his wrist to effect a rhythm whilst turning the wheel. The last two strings (chanterelle(s)), are the melody strings.

The nature of the hurdy gurdy is one of an all-in-one melody, harmony and rhythm instrument. Even without the player consciously playing rhythmically, and playing without the melody strings chanterelles or the buzzing trompette drone, there is a natural rhythmic fluctuations with each cycle of the wheel.

- 3 Drone strings : G1, C2, G2 layout,
- 2 Chanterelle strings tuned in unison at G3.
- Trompette string : a higher C or "Tuned Up" to D.
- 'Buzz key' for rhythmic playing
- Key noise control

This is tested and fully working version.
Just add library to your KONTAKT and use.

Reuploaded. PiRAT

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  Resident 30.11.2010 77
Krock the master! mates
  Resident 22.06.2010 221
  Resident 14.11.2011 2 344
Just see it ! I was interested mainly by Theorbo too but I'm gonna download the whole package and see later...

Thank you very much mates

Without obsession, life is nothing.
John Waters
  Resident 12.12.2008 36

Thanks. And Thanks for uploading.
  Resident 4.02.2011 35 473
works in kontakt 5.0.2???
  Resident 22.08.2008 1 81
Thanks wink , hope the links stay for a few days wink
  Resident 12.07.2010 230
I already downloaded 2 gigs of the leaked "single" versions elsewhere before I discovered that none of them worked, even in K5.03... so I'm waiting till someone here sez "YES, they actually work!" Please someone report back.
With my slow connection, 8 gigs will take 2 full days of downloading, so I'm not going to be the "guinea pig" on this one.

PS If this DOES work, would someone be willing to just upload the (unlocked) .nki, .nkc, .nkr files to see if they will work with the samples already downloaded? That would be nice.
  Resident 1.11.2010 2 342
The thing was, KRock posted another file in the beginning of the week, those files were not finding the Libraries. But I've tested it now, WORKS PERFECT. Kontakt 5.02 and 5.0.3 Ok.

If you wanna try the small part of it I give you a fragment of Krock's UP.
If you want only 03 Theorbo get here:
The good thing here is the Baroque timpani, simply wonderful, if you are a criterious musician like Harnoncourt on choosing the instruments of your orquestra, this is a must. Of course you can use modern timpani, but, using this one on a baroque German piece, maybe sounds more authentic flavored.

I just couldn't undertand why SonicCouture made so many 16 notes to the baroque timpani, impossible, if it has no shift pedal or the keys sliders to tune it. Maybe they shifted some notes manually for sampling, most of them sounds natural.
That old ears time, no matter what key was used on the music, Ab, Bb, C or Eb, the timpani ever sounded C and G only, this lasted until the Classical Era.

The good in this pack, is that notes C4+C#4 can be played in alternation so you can do a natural roll, with a bit out of tune.

Watch this video with the best example on the baroque timpano, notes shifted in a forth A and D notes:
  Resident 4.02.2011 35 473
For me it alerts that NO LIBRARY FOUND when using Add Library in Kontakts.

If you wanna try the small part of it I got a fragment of Krock. So, tell me later how you dod this work. I tried on Kontakt 5.0.1, 5.0.2 and 5.0.3.

SonicCouture - The Conservatoire Collection - 03 Theorbo (just Theorbo)

thanks for the advise, i'm tired of releases that are crap, in my opinion posters who still do that must be suspended

or add a button in the post that says ''Don't Like''
  Resident 18.05.2011 113
Works great, added library, Kontakt 5.03 on Windows. Great download, thanks again. Again pay no attention to the doubters, this does work, and is a great library.
  Resident 4.02.2011 35 473
Works great, added library, Kontakt 5.03 on Windows. Great download, thanks again. Again pay no attention to the doubters, this does work, and is a great library.

but tell please if it works in kontakt 5.0.2 because i don't want to use 5.03 because is not an official release and i readed that have problems
  Resident 6.01.2011 549 2627

Bro, it works in Kontakt 5.0.2 without any problems.

'edweste' already wrote this info...
  Resident 12.07.2010 230
Thanks eweste and lampwiikk for the feedback, I'll download now..., get to check it out in a couple days when downloading is finished. :-)
OOps, just noticed he's only got Rapidgator and Filefactory links... make that "next week, when downloading is finished".
  Resident 22.06.2010 221
Works great! GREAT post!! wink
  Resident 30.04.2012 117
Im so late! This is a fantastic upload.
[ Juan Sanabria ]
  Resident 9.09.2009 1 67
SC.The.C.C.C.part17.rar dead
plz reupload

very thanks
  Resident 30.04.2012 117
All dead ;(
[ Juan Sanabria ]
  Resident 25.09.2013 23
Please can someone re-up ???
  guest -- 0
Absolutely IDIOT
10 days wating for download from rapidgator and when uncompressing files are CORRUPTED and .par11 is MISSING
  Resident 28.04.2012 19 1580
Take you Tourette pills and calm down. What do you expect from a 2 years old upload? And by the way..Part 11 is of cause available! And if once a link is dead you can contact the uploader and ask for reup in an adaequate way.
Read Rules:
AudioZ Rules (check point "Dead Posts")

And finally when you dont have an premium account for the links provided its not uploaders problem. As far as I can see the only thing you shared with community so far are whiningly and stupid comments. Better change your attitude.Otherwise you will soon have some serious problems here.
"Die Fahrbahn ist ein graues Band, weiße Streifen, grüner Rand"
  guest -- 0
let suicide boy. World´s best without you.
  Banned 31.12.2012 1005 2953
please get banned
  Resident 25.04.2012 74 7711
What is your problem? Luke is a good guy and you were the one in the wrong so relax. He wouldn't have to reiterate the rules if you were following them.
“Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.”
  guest -- 0
quote by Intrinsicplease get banned

1+ Theirs enough trolls on here
  Resident 19.11.2013 1 1616
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 30.08.2017 92
Oh wow....I have been looking for this collection....big thanks.
  Member 5.11.2020 2
Hi Krock, thank you so much for the upload... however i'm having issues with the activation: When i load the instruments on Kontakt it says "DEMO" in red letters next to the instrument's name (it happens with all of the 10 instruments). And after a while (i think 30 minutes) the instruments dissapear and a popup says "DEMO TIME OUT", and a button saying "activate".

How can i solve this problem?

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