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Cinesamples CineStrings CORE 2.0 LiTE YDL (Original release by Talula) screenshot

KONTAKT Lite Library | 9.5 GB
This is a LiTE version of Cinesamples CineStrings CORE 2.0.

I wanted to keep full mix and close microphones positions, but you can use Close mic or Full Mix mic only if you want to as files are in seaprate downloads, and instruments for each possibility are provided in a zip file in library folder.

════════════════════╣LiTE iNFO╠════════════════════

- 05/2023 Hotfix applied
- All samples converted to 16 bits with dither
- Full MIX and Close microphones available
- All original instruments and articulations
- Repacked NKX files by instrument and mic position
- Zipped instruments pack to customize to your needs (FM + Close [LiTE], Close only, FM only)
- 9.17 GB size on disk, half less if you remove a microphone.

════════════════════╣ Installation ╠════════════════════

- Extract CSC2-LiTE.rar (library main files)
- Extract Samples archives and put all NKX and NKC files whitin "samples" folder of the library


Kontakt player ou full version 6.71 or above is required

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  Member 8.01.2023 61
big thanks yoda! may love for your lite versions be with you ;)

does this library sounds better than the old one? i have version 1.0. if its true they recorded new for 2.0. I'm not sure if I need the new 2.0 version...did you made a comparsion?
  Resident 8.01.2022 18 102
Samples are the same as version 1 but with a new audio treatment, greatly denoised.
Sounds quite different, it depends on what you like.
  Member 9.02.2021 1 395
"All samples converted to 16 bits with dither"

When you do that you ruining sample quality. When you use specially dynamic effects like comp and limiter silence parts of samples hearing deformed/noisy cause of conversion and lower dynamic range. I was converting 24 bit samples to 16 bit for BFD and Kontakt libraries but when i notice this problem i decide to keep original samples.
  Resident 8.01.2022 18 102
Dithering add noise indeed, that shouldn't be really noticed during sound.
When converting from 24 to 16 bits it has to be done.
I use auto blanking when dithering to avoid to generate noise on silent parts.
Maybe it is not enough to prevent the side effects you described, but if you give a try on my latest minified libs your feedback is truely welcome.
  Member 9.02.2021 1 395
I dont have original samples but these samples are not bad about noise. Some tails cutting little bit earlier (for my taste) but it might be about original samples. At the end you did good job, congrats. Keep doing this for other libraries :P.
  Resident 16.03.2013 812
Dude, you hit the mythical level!
Again, top quality release. The full mix samples work incredibly well, and this interface is much more pleasant than previous version (definitely an upgrade, 'cos it sounds better spatialized, open and warm).
Audioz is grateful for this awesome gift.
Para-para-parAUDIOZ/SEX! Whoa-oh-oh oh-oooh oh-oh-oh...
  Resident 4.03.2018 21 302
Thank you so much, YodaDL. I really do appreciate it. I was wondering if you could at least do a lite version of Afflatus strings, please? I even sent you a message regarding this.
  Resident 8.01.2022 18 102
I couldn't answer your message as you mailbox is full, you should do something about it.

I don't take request as I convert only the libraries I use (or at least may use), but about Afflatus strings I've already talked about it in my Afflatus Brass post.
The minified version with close and decca mix is 37 GB which is pretty huge for a lite version.
  Resident 4.03.2018 21 302
Ok I understand. Is there a way i can convert the libraries myself? Do you any instruction on how to do it in your way?
  Resident 8.01.2022 18 102
You can read Rollerball's tutorial which is really well done
I don't use excatly the same parameters for dithering but the whole process is clear.
  Resident 4.03.2018 21 302
Ok cool. Have you considered making your own tutorial? I really like your approach on the minified libraries?
  Resident 8.01.2022 18 102
I follow the method described in Rollerball's tutorial, I cannot see anything I could add, except minor settings which are personal preference.
There is only one way to minify libraries, the only difference is the choice you make by keeping or not a microphone position, instruments or articulations.
Some clever guys add some effects and modify instruments but I don't as I only want to reduce size and keep the library as close as possible from the original.
  Resident 4.03.2018 21 302
Ok cool. Thanks for the info.
  Member 3.11.2022 45 164
Very gratefull YodaDL, a long time ago Made a request for this library i'm minified versiΓ³n, if someone could do it, and here it's. Thanks a Lot
  Supplier 18.01.2014 130 302
Thx @YodaDL Release works fine and its ver nice to get some new minified toys

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