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Native Instruments Vocal Colors KONTAKT screenshot
KONTAKT | 15.35 GB
Voice redesigned
Combining a vast range of vocal expressions with an innovative engine, VOCAL COLORS explores the synergy between speech and synthesis. Breathe motion, dynamics, and feeling into your music with inventive sounds that push the boundaries of the voice. From cinematic compositions to forward-thinking pop productions, VOCAL COLORS delivers hypnotic hues for igniting the initial spark or finessing your final brushstrokes.

Tell deeper sonic stories
Fluid, dynamic, and uniquely personal, the voice stands at the forefront of emotive instruments. From gentle whispers to passionate shouts, VOCAL COLORS lets you shape and blend both male and female voices that have been pushed to their performative limits. Humanize electronic parts with a varied collection of vocal expressions that can be warped into evolving pads, basses, pulses, and grooves that strike balance between ultramodern and naturalistic.

Hybrid creation
VOCAL COLORS packs leading COLORS engine features, along with new vocal-specific additions. Formant shift, vibrato, and breath controls help customize your tones, while additional male subharmonics and blendable vowel sounds allow you to dive in deeper. Get instant results with over 250 snapshots or sculpt your sounds from scratch with an array of layerable boutique samples.

From the source
Explore pads, one-shots, reverses, pulses, and more, and unlock specialized sound design tools for each source. Craft unique formant leads and resonant pads with Synth Mode, and design aleatoric textures and granular loops with Particles. Build intricate sequences with the Arpeggiator and generate movement with the enlarged Motion engine.

Experimental spirit
With curiosity at its core, VOCAL COLORS uses abstract techniques to create unheard timbres. Unconventional melodies were performed across changing vowels and consonants, and robotic artifacts created by flattening the pitch. Nurturing the natural tone of the singers, a range of organic modulation techniques were explored, then recorded chromatically and as round robins for pristine resolution.


At a glance
Product type: KOMPLETE Instrument
For use with: Free KONTAKT PLAYER, or KONTAKT (Version 7.3.1 or higher)
Number of instruments: 1
Sound category: Vocals
Compressed size: 16.61 GB
Uncompressed size: 19.77 GB

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  Member 27.10.2022 108
I didn't even have a debrid subscription as I hadn't seen any large files worth downloading in a while.

A reason to smile and get a new subscription... Thank you very much Philos.
  Member 3.04.2023 28
holy shit - I waited for this MF - thanks a lot for the 1fichier single link, works like a charm!
  Member 27.03.2023 14
Thanks a lot guys! Finally!
  Member 5.12.2022 25
great! thanks!
  Member 9.04.2014 236
Hi please help this is in demo mode osx
  Resident 12.11.2022 759 1243
update your Kontakt version no issues here
Here to provide, enjoy the shares, contribute where you can! PM me to provide supplies and do your part.
  Resident 25.05.2014 2 380
Is it ISO inside?
This too shall pass
  Member 9.04.2014 236
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 27.10.2022 108
There is no such problem with me, everything is fine.
  Member 9.04.2014 236
the Comment has been Removed
  Resident 9.10.2013 271
Thanks for sharing!

  Member 20.08.2019 34
  Resident 26.08.2017 526
Huge Thank You for the single 1fichier link
  Resident 29.12.2014 88
Was waiting for this and can't wait for N.I Fables
  Resident 27.06.2012 1 371
works with konakt 6 ?
  Resident 5.05.2019 1 227
i can't seem to get the snapshot to show up in this and in valves pro i'm using kontakt 7.6.0 is there another location i need to drag and drop files? windows 10
nevermind i figured it out.. thank you for the upload
  Member 15.11.2014 1 241
Thank you very much for sharing! Interesting library.
Does anyone know why the arpeggiator mode, in standalone mode, does not work, but in the DAW it does? Am I missing some configuration? From already thank you very much

Edit: Apparently, I don't know why, after making it work in the DAW for the first time, then I tried the kontakt in standalone mode, and now the arpeggiator works, it's a mystery. Studio one 6 (Windows 10 updates daily) In case the same thing happens to anyone!
  Resident 26.07.2016 390
Thanks for the info. The same happened to me and solved it the same way you did.
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  Member 25.03.2014 10 1040
man this is Good, great sound Thanks
  Member 16.07.2020 1 67
Thank you Philos!

Again, we should really all get together and group buy stuff. It would cost much less to the few posters/contributors out here as everyone would chip in a little, and the cost would be so low that we could get many more products like these.

We need to have more people participate and contribute. We already have a group for GBs, but recruiting new members has become very hard because everyone waits on everyone else.

PM if you think the same way.
  Member 8.01.2015 339
"Currently no account for this hoster found"

some links show this message, some don`t . Anybody knows whats`s the problem ?
  Member 15.04.2015 22
hey, im getting demo mode when i open with kontakt, can anyone please help? thanks ;)
  Resident 12.11.2009 4 95
Excellent! Tool Thanks
Keep On Grooving!!
  Member 3.10.2023 3
I'm having trouble adding this to kontakt 7.
I tried Kitty Scripts and adding via Kontakt 5.6

How do I add to Kontakt?
  Member 3.10.2023 3
I got it to work by upgrading to 7.6. I was using Kontakt 7.0. For anyone who had my problem
  Member 22.09.2022 15
I'm sure this was used on the film "The Kill Room"
  Member 19.11.2023 5
latest Vocal Colors 1.5 already update ,right now very good updete pls uplode new version

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