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Karanyi Sounds Continuo 1.1 Anr1 Modz version KONTAKT screenshot
Your Cinematic Guitar Orchestra
Continuo is a complex sounding cinematic texture designer tool based on electric guitars for creating endless pads, unusual soundscapes, characteristic atmospheres and experimental sublayers especially for film, video game and electronic music. This is the first release of our cinematic series with our brand new, easy to use Layer Designer Engine where you can edit, modulate and mix up to 4 individual Instrument Modules at the same time.

- 18 extra long guitar sample modules with rare sound setups: raw sounding Fender guitar textures with a lot of fortuitousness
- Bowed, tremolos, vibratos, beaten (with a wooden stick) techniques and a 300x stretched guitar patch
- Super large reverbs recorded through Eventide & Strymon effect processors
- Equipment used: UA1176, Roland Dimension D, Studer A800, Pultec EQP-1, UAD RAW, Strymon Deco / BigSky, Eventide Blackhole
- New Layer Designer Engine with inspiring, super clean interface
- 60+ Factory & Artist presets
- Over 80 controls on a simplified GUI
- Run up to 4 Sound Modules at the same time
- 8 LFO Modulation presets / Module
- 4 EQ presets / Module
- 2 effects / Module + 2 Send effects
- Master EQ, Compressor & Limiter
- 24bit / 48kHz sample rate
- 2.5 GB lossless compressed size (3.5 GB original size)
- Full version of Kontakt 6+ required - not for Kontakt Player

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  Resident 18.01.2014 459
First of all: Thank you very much janelane!

I cannot find the sounds from v1 within v1.1
Would you be so kind and explain the difference between the two versions?
Should I run the two libraries side by side or is v1 completely contained in v 1.1 ?

Thanks for an answer in advance.
  Resident 16.03.2013 545
And mostly, thanks for 1fichier.com link!!!

Para-para-parAUDIOZ/SEX! Whoa-oh-oh oh-oooh oh-oh-oh...
  Resident 13.02.2014 1 510
how was this modified for NKS... im really curious
If it ain't loud? I don't wanna hear it!
  Member 2.03.2019 88
Modifying something for nks is not that hard, there is an app that does it for some vsts called PresetMagician, also there are a few websites who sell nks presets for around $15-$20. Its usually as simple as dropping a file in the folder.

If you google nks presets they come right up
  Member 30.12.2013 5 4
@tonk. It's a mistake. It's v1. There is no v1.1.
@baseimpulse. There's some modifications :
- in the KSP script to link automation to slider
- add product, bank and nks button with the free Nimbank Tool from
  Resident 25.04.2012 74 7715
Thanks for the share janelane. Here's a YouTube trailer, preset demo and walkthrough to use for your post if you want. Use one, none or all, up to you.
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