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Cinesamples Keyboard in Blue KONTAKT screenshot
Keyboard In Blue is a genuine electro-mechanical piano built from scratch. Recorded at Hollywood Scoring Studios through a vintage tube amplifier-cabinet, it has a new take on that well-known classic sound. It's a great keyboard amplified into a great room - it's real and it's alive!

Keyboard In Blue is a genuine electro-mechanical piano built from scratch. Its construction improves on the much loved vintage instruments with better sustain and tone from of the high register, and a stronger, fuller tone in the bass.

The Recording Process
Our intention was to present an electro-mechanical keyboard in a very organic and acoustic way. So instead of recording the direct output, a very popular method, we sent the direct out into a vintage tube guitar amp-cabinet. The room at Hollywood Scoring Studios provided a well-balanced room in which to capture this very lively, acoustic tone. Keyboard In Blue offers 5 separate mixes: 2 close mics on the amp - ribbon and FET, a mid-room perspective, and a full room perspective. Lastly there is a FULL mix that combines the best ratio of the above.

Keyboard In Blue definitely has character! The first knob you see is the CHARACTER knob. This controls the bias between softer and louder samples whilst maintaining the same apparent loudness. So ultimately it's a timbre control.

Adjust this for your keyboard response and/or playing style - essentially a MIDI dynamic compressor.

To the right of the CHARACTER knob are 5 mixes: FULL Mix, Ribbon (mono close mic on the amp), FET (mono close mic on the amp), MID (stereo room mics near the amp), and ROOM (stereo room mics far from the amp). Each mix has a level control and an OFF/ON switch (OFF purges the samples from RAM). You can also select a different output path for each mix.

Pedal and Release Volumes
To the left of the CHARACTER knob are volume levels for note releases, the physical pedal noise, and the physical key release noise. A sample start adjustment is available to either tighten the response or to include more pre-note noise.

This echoes the latching keyswitches on G-1 and G#-1 that select normal playing mode and staccato (short) mode, respectively.

We provided a wide variety of reverbs that pair nicely with KIB. Small Hall is the default reverb.

The TREMOLO and PHASER offer additional character. The GLOBAL FX switch turns on the Tremolo, Phaser, and all effects on the FX page.

The PAN page allows you to bias the lower notes toward the left channel and the higher notes toward the right. The WIDTH control adjusts the extremity of panning and the DIVERGENCE control adjusts how quickly the panning takes place from the center point.

FX Page
The EQ is a simple 4-band EQ with gain compensation. The LOW and HIGH bands are shelves.

Adjust the ATTACK TIME for an interesting soft attack effect. The CRUNCH knob adds tape saturation. Remember - a little goes a long way!


Requires Kontakt FULL 5.6.8 or higher

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  Resident 26.11.2015 760
will be curious to try this side by side with spitfire's north 7 one...
make music, not walls.
  Member 27.05.2014 104
Always loved Piano in Blue,thanks for the chance to try this.
  Member 26.01.2019 1 148
Same here.
But that was the piano and studio of Miles Davis' A Kind Of Blue.
I wonder why they named this one as such??
  Member 1.03.2014 275
Talula the friendly Unicorn, we salute you.
  Resident 3.01.2011 1 3655
The Only Links That Are Working are The UL
  Releaser 22.10.2007 1147 624
it's your isp blocked domen or all mirrors.
if you can't vist or or - you need vpn service to download from this filehoster. that's why all posts here contain minimum 2 links - to and
ViP Team - true legends stays in history!
  Member 11.02.2013 1 68
..........And they are God awful slow.
  Member 22.10.2016 356
Not slow for me, Real Debrid is a gem.

Huge thanks for this one Talula and all the other gifts you have supplied,
Not sure who would post these if you didn't?
  Resident 30.01.2014 7 1446
Thank you so much, Talula!!
  Member 17.12.2019 28
For some reason, I cant install this library into the latest cracked Kontakt 6. I dont see an NICNT file in the root folder.. is that the problem?
  Releaser 22.10.2007 1147 624
because it is for FULL version, can be used without f...n' installation and every nki can be opened from any location.
have you ever visited ? have you read manuals for kontakt? I recommend you do this.
ViP Team - true legends stays in history!
  Member 17.12.2019 28
quote by Talulabecause it is for FULL version, can be used without f...n' installation and every nki can be opened from any location.
have you ever visited ? have you read manuals for kontakt? I recommend you do this.

I figured it out before your post
  Resident 16.11.2013 11 490
thank you Talula!

  Member 4.07.2015 270
Beautiful Piano. THANKS! Tal
  Resident 25.01.2012 2478
The velocity curve on this library seems a bit uneven to me. Seems kinda jumpy. Especially when adjusting midi in Live for instance. It seems either very low or then suddenly blaring.
  Member 26.01.2019 1 148
Dev plays Doors organ part on his EP, but doesn't play 'Riders' EP part with his 'Riders' preset!

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