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Westwood Instruments Upright Felt Piano KONTAKT [FREE] screenshot
13.08.2019 | KONTAKT | 351 MB
A well loved piano, perfect for alternative scores

Our Upright Felt Piano is born from a mission to find and sample a piano filled with interesting and natural character.

Using some classic vintage microphones through the highest quality signal path, we created a Kontakt instrument that is perfect for intimate, alternative film scores.

Multiple Mics
Close | Room | Soundboard

Intuitive Interface
Easy to use

This is how we recorded it
We sampled the piano in the crypt of a church. It’s lived there for the past 10 years since a band we know have recorded all their albums in this unlikely place. The space is hard rock walls and vaulted ceilings, providing some interesting acoustics; really dry up close, but with a nice amount of liveliness as you record further away.

We wanted to tame the bright sound of the piano, so we custom felted the strings to take out the top end but not lose any of its unique character. What we were left with is a beautiful warm and intimate sound.

We used an absolutely world-class pristine signal path recording everything at 96kHz through legendary Neve 1073 pre-amps and Burr Brown AD convertors.

The signal started with a matched pair of Coles 4038’s as close as we dare put them to the hammers, to capture a really detailed sound. A stereo pair of AKG 414’s made an excellent job of capturing a more open room sound. We also used a single SE-2 close to the rear soundboard. This mic position provides a really boxy vintage sound.

All of these microphones can be mixed independently through the Kontakt interface so you can dial in exactly the sound you want.

Tune the perfect sound
Fine tune the individual sounds of the hammers and dampers, A responsive control that naturally changes volume with your performance.

Control the volume of the sustain pedal being pressed and released. Dial in a full on thump or remove completely.

Add some grit with this included tape saturation control. A little goes a long way.

A powerful control which allows you to dial in the stereo width of the entire piano, from a purely mono signal to an immersive wrap around sound.

A natural sounding hall reverb which will blend in to most existing mixes.

A simple and broad stroke EQ. The controls allow you to cut or boost a wide part of the frequency spectrum and will add or remove a lot of sound very quickly.

We suggest you don’t need to do a lot to achieve a big difference, so go steady!

Microphone Mixer
Close | Stereo Coles 4038
One of our favourite microphones. Add plenty of this signal to bring out the detail of the piano

Room | Stereo AKG C414
A wider and more open sound, we love this blended just a fraction with the close mics to add some air and space.

Soundboard | Mono sE-2
Bring out a more vintage and wooden boxy sound with this mic position.

Control the overall volume of all the mics with the master fader.

Intuitive interface
We made sure we designed a UI that is simple enough to use without an instruction manual, but powerful enough to craft the sound without reaching for anymore plugins.

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It looks like any regular piano with a noise layer on top. No personality, just an endless clone of the already free Spitfire Felt Piano.
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Thanks for the heads-up on this, Strike. It's always nice to try out a new piano, even if it might be bunk.
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