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Kontakt, instruments
EWQL Hollywood Choirs UNLOCKED (KONTAKT) MORiA screenshot MORiA | UNLOCKED | 254.8 MB | KONTAKT
I N D E P E N D E D - I N S T R U M E N T

- Unlocked the instrument.
- Unlocked every single sample.
- Code FX
- New .nicnt.
- New Containers.
- New settings.
- Build it from 0
- Everything is work.
- Snapshots work. (You can save them)
- No longer require an original .nicnt file.
- Drag & drop.
Hope you like it!
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  Member 23.04.2015 5 418
You never failed to amaze us
Come here just to try the software and buy it afterwards.
If I don't like the software I will just DELETE it.
  Member 31.07.2014 75
quote by DarkenedRoomYou never failed to amaze us

i dont even understnad how these work, do you download from the EW installer?
  guest -- 0
I thought it's the real thing . like this:

what you uploaded it's just a few samples. like demo.
  Resident 4.06.2012 343
at 254 mb, it is expected , this is only one preset out of dozens :) And of course, it won't have the workbuilder capability. Making somethign like this this takes a lot of work since it needs to be done manually by sampling each key press from EW PLAY engine, perhaps at many velocities and then import all those samples to Kontakt and map and create an NKI from that.
  Resident 16.01.2014 -1 892
So when he says, '..Unlocked every single sample' and 'Everything is work (ing)' he only means everything that he has unlocked and included is working. It's not the complete instrument. Like michaelbrac says above, a working tryout. We could still be grateful for that.
When I get this one, I'll be able to create something
  Resident 16.11.2013 2 887
quote by michaelbracI thought it's the real thing . like this:
what you uploaded it's just a few samples. like demo.

PLAY hasn't been cracked by any group and this clearly says 'Kontakt' in the title. so its obviously not the youtube link that you posted.

I suggest you remove the youtube link, as you will only course confusion. Especially to non-English speaking people.
  Resident 22.10.2011 10 754
The original library is 60gb...
i'm a bit confused.
  Resident 9.06.2013 5 636
just 1 patch with UU choirs: not so impressing
  Resident 20.02.2011 1030
Mm... choir!
You can't have everything; where would you put it?
  guest -- 0
You can get it for $19.99 if this is not enough for you.

  Resident 7.07.2008 2 169
right... like $19.99 PER MONTH...
  Resident 5.10.2015 58
yes not a lot of content and what snapshots work? there are none? one patch only...
  Releaser 26.10.2018 79 451
Bro! Go to /Documents/Native Instruments/User Content/Kontakt/
Create an untitled folder
Rename it EWQL CHORUS [MM] [NN]
Hit Enter
Then you can make & save snapshots!
  guest -- 0
Give us the real thing
  Member 28.10.2015 274
FULL version "only" 59 GB. It seems a joke.
  Resident 16.10.2018 14 314
Thank you imac!
  Resident 16.03.2013 486
Thanks pal, all the best, always!
Para-para-parAUDIOZ/SEX! Whoa-oh-oh oh-oooh oh-oh-oh...
  Resident 26.11.2012 92
Wow thnx for taking the time to build this from scratch for us to try the kontakt gui is good i know all this took time so thanks
  Resident 27.06.2012 184
Wouuuuuuuuuuuuuu i wanted to byť IT from vstbuzz where IT was fór 239€ but IT was too much expensive and now i Can test IT you are awesomeeeeee! Thaaaaaaaanks my buddy.

I hope i Can try it on Pc too :)))))
  Member 14.06.2017 1 58
After adding it to library using Kontakt 5.66, I can no longer open the k5.66. Took me awhile to figure out that i had to delete the nicnt file and the xml in service center making it off the library tab so the kontakt 5.66 can start again.
  Member 10.02.2015 277
Can you do the Ahs and Ohs too? This is so good already.Thanks so much.
  Resident 14.01.2014 6 755
very good work:)
  Member 12.11.2014 41
Still waiting for the real/full EW Hollywood Choirs
  Member 29.05.2015 472
questa library non ha il worldbuilder?

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