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Luftrum Lunaris Pads v1.3 KONTAKT Layer Patch List Fix screenshot
P2P | 12 September 2018 | 13.83 MB
Fix for everyone who experiences the bug in which the list of patches for the individual layers is blank, with Luftrum Lunaris for Kontakt.

The file "Lunaris.nkr" in the "Samples" folder is faulty and needs to be replaced.
Replace it with this one.

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  Resident 11.10.2014 244 2673
  Resident 30.03.2018 60 441
Zippyshare Link:

Copy the file, Lunaris.nkr, into the 'Samples' folder, and replace the original one.

Credit goes to our member Sartorius for providing this amazing fix.
  Resident 5.12.2012 757 8498
Fix + Full Library

  Contributor 2.11.2014 1212 4182
..::::::: 8 DIFFERENT FILE HOSTS :::::::..

Support me at:
  Member 26.08.2017 2181
uploadboy link
  Member 22.09.2016 7 17
Amazing! Thanks. Works perfectly.
  Member 21.05.2014 10
doesn't work for me 5.7 on a mac. thnx anyway!
turns to generic instrument without UI.
  Resident 30.03.2018 60 441
Try performing a batch resave.

Strange enough, I actually encountered this problem a week ago. Initially it worked fine. Afterwards, I thought I should make an audiosex thread concerning the problem and how to fix it. I thought I should take a screenshot of the bug in effect, and another after it was fixed.

So, I re-downloaded the old bugged Lunaris.nkr, replaced the fixed one, and took the screenshot. But when I returned the fixed one, I got a generic gui, I couldn't figure out why. Anyway, after an hour or so, it seemed to fix itself. Not sure how or why.

I don't remember if I tried performing a batch resave, myself, in order to fix it, but it might help.
  Member 21.05.2014 10
Thanks for the tip, but it didn't seem to work for me.
  Resident 1.02.2017 180
The new file starts with small letter, instead of the original but for me on mac it didn't cause problem, loaded fine. Maybe on Windows is different? idk.
Anyway, try this:
After replacing the old nkr to the new one, open Kontakt, load the instrument, go to its preferences clicking on the spanner icon on the top left corner of the loaded instrument, go to Instrument Options (the first button on the left), go to Instrument tab and there check what's choosen as a Resource Container, it's the last line in that window. Try pointing to the location of this new nkr file, just in case.
  Member 21.05.2014 10
Thanks for trying to help solve this problem, but this did not work either! strange...
  Resident 1.02.2017 180
one more thing to try:
when Kontakt is closed, delete the Lunaris.nkc
It's a cache file created by Kontakt, don't worry, it will be recreated when you load the instrument. (afterwards check if Kontakt really recreated it in that Sample folder, because if it didn't, there can be some permission problem for that folder)
  Member 29.11.2014 7
Ah! That finally did the trick. UI was messed up until then. Thx!
  Resident 30.03.2018 60 441
Excellent. I'll keep that in mind if something like that ever happens to me again.

Thanks jazzzz .
  Member 21.05.2014 10
OK, deleting the nkc file worked for some reason! Yea!
  Member 17.10.2012 44
Thanks, jazzzz - that did the trick on the Mac (10.9.5) - reset permissions with Permissions Reset, deleted Lunaris.nkc and replaced the old Lunaris.nkr with the new one - UI is back working perfectly!
  Resident 16.03.2013 200
Works great here (WIN 8.1 x64)! Thanks a million dear Sartorius for this amazing fix! And sunny, 'cos this info was only in the previous Lunaris post flood.
Para-para-parAUDIOZ/SEX! Whoa-oh-oh oh-oooh oh-oh-oh...
  Member 1.05.2018 13
didn't work for me, even with all the suggested additional options
thanks anyway, I think it times to delete luftrum until a more reliable version comes along
  Resident 1.02.2017 180
what is your system? which version of Kontakt?
  Member 1.05.2018 13
system is pc win7
kontackt is 5.6 I believe( just a quick think over the top of my head)
I can load the library but not see it.

If it doesn't work then I'm not going to worry about it,
i appreciate the effort everyone made..
  Resident 30.03.2018 60 441
Per the developer's website, this library requires a Kontakt version no earlier than 5.6.8.
  Resident 1.02.2017 180
so, – after J_Strauss' feedback – try deleting Lunaris.nkc (when Kontakt is closed)
If not that, for Windows users, another option is to remove the library from Kontakt completely, removing it from registry, as well, and add it again. (I don't know if rebooting Windows is required after cleaning up the registry and before readding the library but it doesn't hurt to do so.)
  Member 15.10.2017 132
Thanks Majestic & Jazzzz . I had no problem, but these tips are great for possible future troubleshooting and reminders.

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