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Samples, sound effects
[dead] Sound Effects Vol. 1 - Machines and Movement screenshot
Sound Effects

Track Listings:
1. Automotive: Various Car Doors
2. Automotive: Car Starts/Revs
3. Automotive: Car Leaves/Arrives
4. Automotive: Car Horn-American
5. Automotive: Car Horn-Japanese
6. Automotive: Car Horn-Antique
7. Automotive: Sudden Stop
8. Automotive: Tire Screeching
9. Automotive: Car Crash
10. Automotive: Multiple Car Crash
11. Automotive: Windshield Wipers
12. Automotive: Tuning a Radio
13. Automotive: City Traffic
14. Automotive: Freeway Traffic
15. Automotive: Race Cars
16. Automotive: Race Car Pit Area
17. Automotive: Ambulance Arrives
18. Automotive: Fire Engine
19. Automotive: Big Rig
20. Automotive: Bus Stop
21. Automotive: Garbage Truck
22. Automotive: Start
23. Automotive: Motorcycle Leaving
24. Automotive: Horse and Carriage
25. Construction: Bulldozer
26. Construction: Power Saw
27. Construction: Pile Driver
28. Construction: Front End Loader
29. Construction: Construction Site Ambience Aviation
30. Aviation: Cessna Ignition
31. Aviation: Cessna Taxing
32. Aviation: Helicopter Start Up
33. Aviation: Helicopter Fly By
34. Aviation: Hot Air Balloon
35. Aviation: Cockpit Ambience and Take Off
36. Aviation: Jet Fly By
37. Aviation: Wwll Bomber
38. Aviation: Jet Bomber
39. Aviation: Jet Landing
40. Sounds of War: Western Gunfight
41. Sounds of War: Wwll Battle
42. Sounds of War: Gorilla Warfare
43. Sounds of War: Sherman Tank
44. Sounds of War: Tank Turret
45. Sounds of War: Tank Fire
46. Sounds of War: Bomb
47. Sounds of War: Bobb 2
48. Sounds of War: Rocket/Bomb
49. Sounds of War: Cannon
50. Sounds of War: Pistol
51. Sounds of War: Shot Gun
52. Sounds of War: Police Radio
53. Marine: Idling Boat
54. Marine: Speed Boat
55. Marine: Ship's Anchor Up
56. Marine: Submarine Ambience
57. Marine: Submarine Sonar
58. Trains: Train Approaching
59. Trains: Railroad Crossing
60. Trains: Diesel Train Horn
61. Trains: Steam Train Horn
62. Trains: Steam Engine
63. Trains: Street Car
64. Trains: Monorail Arrives
65. Trains: Monorail Leaves
66. Trains: Subway
67. Trains: Subway Passenger
68. Trains: Roller Coaster
69. Household: Lawn Mower
70. Household: Electric Weed Whacker
71. Household: Yard Blower
72. Household: Back Door
73. Household: Front Door
74. Household: Big Door
75. Household: Creaking Door
76. Household: Washing Machine
77. Household: Dryer
78. Household: Old Refrigerator
79. Household: Kitchen Sink
80. Household: Toilet Flush
81. Household: Grandfather Clock
82. Household: Old Telephone
83. Household: Old Rotary Phone
84. Household: Touchtone Dialing
85. Household: Telephone Receiver
86. Household: Cell Phone
87. Household: Old Typewriter
88. Household: Electric Typewriter
89. Household: Computer Keyboard
90. Household: Copying Machine
91. Household: Stapler
92. Sports and Games: Pirate Swords
93. Sports and Games: Basketball Dribble
94. Sports and Games: Basketball Free Throw
95. Sports and Games: Baseball Hit and Run
96. Sports and Games: Skeet Ball
97. Sports and Games: Burp Gun
98. Sports and Games: Slot Machine Loser
99. Sports and Games: Slot Machine Winner

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  Resident 28.07.2009 6 342
All your premium foley sounds today just awesome mates

happy in here... <^.^>
  Resident 29.09.2008 121
_man, now i know why you are SampleKing:)
I hate everything and everyone, not:)
  Member 8.07.2011 38
Deposit Files worked for me. Not dead

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