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Samples, multi-libraries

In case anyone missed this:

Tonehammer is going to release some freeware products between 1-25 dec.
Each free stuff will be available online for 1 day only.

>Keep watching!<

If you can catch a gnome, bring it in here so that we can do illegal surgeries and experiments on him. :winked:

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  Resident 31.10.2008 50
0 I being stupid? - I can't see any free stuff dunno
  Resident 16.07.2008 23 18
Quote: Shinto I being stupid? - I can't see any free stuff

Couldn't find anything either, is there a direct link i am missing?
  Resident 11.04.2009 1 39
Okay I believe this is the First One
  guest -- 0
I don't think the freebie Ravix posted has got anything to do with their Season freebies. This one was already posted by them in September. They wrote that every season freebie post will contain the word "gnomehammer". Currently the only article with that word in the title and the body is the announcement though, so it seems they haven't published anything yet. Maybe they're a bit late...
  Resident 4.10.2008 7
There is an error, the information reads at any time and it should read gnomehammer, nothing with gnomehammer is on the page today except the info that tells that gnomehammer should appear to see a freebie
  guest -- 0
Ah ok... now I think I understand... I read their announcement a few times, but I didn't really get it before.

The site says:

The deal is that we will be releasing something new EVERY day on this site from December 1st to 25th. We have prepared a crazy load of mind-blowing freebies, contests, discounts and the release of some ultra hot libraries. Whenever you see the name "gnomehammer", that means there is a freebie involved, but the freebies will ONLY be available on the day of release and it may not ever see the dawn of light again. So make sure you check back with our site every day to avoid missing out... or beware the wrath of the gnomes.

So there's not necessarily a freebie every day, but it can also be a discount. So for December 1st there is a $10 discount for "Forgotten Voices: Terrie".

So we have to wait for the gnomehammer posts which should then contain freebies...
  Resident 23.02.2009 35
Today is the first freebie : a "Helium Choir Library"...
  guest -- 0
Scooter will probably have a use 4 Helium Choir...
  guest -- 0
Awesome! I'll be looking out for Old Granny Piano.
I think I found a new advent calendar! :)

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