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Samples, sound effects
Sound Ideas: The General Series 6000 Sound Effects Library WAV screenshot
Sound Ideas: The General Series 6000 Sound Effects Library
7,546 Sound Effects | 40 CDs | WAV
TOTAL SIZE 30.16 GB (RAR 15.2 GB)
Award Winning Library with more than 7,500 Royalty Free Sound Effects

Series 6000 “The General” Sound Effects Library is provides more than 7,500 royalty free sound effects (more than 50 hours of recorded sound) on 40 Audio CDs. It is the winner of the prestigious Game Developer Hall of Fame Award. The General is the standard against which all other sound effect products are measured. It offers a broad spectrum of sound effects - including Animals & Birds, Construction, Crowds, Fire, Household, Industry, Military, Office, Sports, Transportation, Weather, and more. This royalty free sound effects collection also includes long ambience tracks from around the world, Foley sounds, and some truly spectacular audio from four award-winning sound designers. With this broad selection of must-have sound effects categories required for your audio production, there is no better place to start than with the Series 6000 “The General” Sound Effects Library.


Audio CD – Stereo
40 CDs with more than 7,500 sound effects
More than 50 hours of recorded sound
The Industry Standard in general sound effects
Winner of the Game Develop Hall of Fame Award
Contributions from 4 award-winning audio designers:
Randy Thom, Frank Serafine, Mike McDonough & Alan Howarth
Comprehensive general sound effects collection

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  guest -- 0
Thanks! Do you know if these audio files are individually labeled/metatagged?
  guest -- 0
I would also like to know if these are just audio CD you have to rip or if they are named files... I find named files easier to work with for obvious reasons!
  Resident 30.10.2012 45 788
This is a great share! I wonder when some of the "other" libraries will be up.
  Resident 30.03.2014 22
To those who are curious, most tracks are labeled, but a few cds are not. I can't speak for tagging information but a large portion of them do have proper labeled file names.
My intent here is not to be the first to point out bad things, but I'm afraid that is what I'll have to do. Some, and I mean some, of these CDs are not actually lossless rips. Some are, though, and below I'll try to outline which appear lossless and which don't. This is just based on my observations, though I've done my best to varify my findings.
So here's the outline of which CDs I observed to be lossless and lossy:
CDs 1-3: look to be lossless
CDs 4-8: appear lossy
CD 9: appears to be lossless
CD 10: seems lossy
CDs 11-17: all look lossless
CD 18: this one is quite odd, first of all it's lossy, but second of all, it contains one and a half copies of this CD's contents. The first copy is in its usual spot, but there's also a broken multipart rar. Upon extraction, you get the half copy I referred to above.
CD 19-40 appear lossless.
Again I don't want to seem like I'm tearing it down or nit-picking, just trying to be informative. If someone thinks that something I have said is incorrect, I'd be happy to know.
  Member 7.12.2016 7
If you really want to be sure, then play them through a vst that can nulltest on the fly. When doing that you can clearly hear the ugly encoding artifacts, instead of the clean 'side'-audio, or silence, in dual mono tracks (Red book CD is always a stereo file)

One vst to do this task is Flux Stereo Tool. Click on one of the phasebuttons and then pull 'Width' to 0.
  Member 9.11.2017 5
These sound effects are pretty old and the CDs have different authors. Some of them have been redigitized dozens of times. Some are even recorded from phonograph and tape. It's likely that it's the original sources that are not lossless, not this upload.

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