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Samples, multi-libraries
Presonus Studio One v6 Soundsets 2024 screenshot
AudioZ | 30 April 2024 | 80.4 GB
Everything you need to record, produce, mix, master, and perform.

Acoustic Drum Kits and Loops.soundset
Acoustic Drum Loops Pro Acoustic Earthy 1.soundset
Acoustic Drum Loops Pro Acoustic Earthy 2.soundset
Acoustic Drum Loops Pro Acoustic Earthy 3.soundset
Acoustic Drum Loops Pro Country.soundset
Acoustic Drum Loops Pro Jazz.soundset
Acoustic Drum Loops Pro Metal.soundset
Acoustic Drum Loops Pro R&B Funk 1.soundset
Acoustic Drum Loops Pro R&B Funk 2.soundset
Acoustic Drum Loops Pro R&B Funk 1.soundset
Acoustic Drum Loops Pro Rock Pop 1.soundset
Acoustic Drum Loops Pro Rock Pop 2.soundset
Acoustic Drum Loops Vol 2.soundset
Big Fish Audio Loops and Kits.soundset
Electronic Audioloops.soundset
Electronic Kits and Musicloops.soundset
Goldbaby Essentials Collection.soundset
Impact XT Kits and Sounds.soundset
MVP Loops and Kits.soundset
Nine Volt Audio Guitars.soundset
Presence XT Core Acoustic Guitars.soundset
Presence XT Core Basses.soundset
Presence XT Core Brass.soundset
Presence XT Core Electric Guitars.soundset
Presence XT Core Keyboards.soundset
Presence XT Core Mallets.soundset
Presence XT Core Percussion and Vocals.soundset
Presence XT Core Strings.soundset
Presence XT Core Winds.soundset
Prime Selection Loops and Sounds.soundset
Sample Magic Loops and Kits.soundset
Studio One Electric Pianos and Organs.soundset
Studio One Expansion.soundset
Studio One FX.soundset
Studio One Impulse Responses.soundset
Studio One Instruments Vol 1.soundset
Studio One Instruments Vol 2.soundset
Studio One Loops Vol 2.soundset
Studio One Loops Vol 3.soundset
Studio One Loops Vol 4.soundset
Studio One Musicloops.soundset
Studio One Piano.soundset
Synth Session.soundset
Ueberschall Impact Drums.soundset
Vintage Keys.soundset
Voodoo One FX.soundset
Voodoo One Synth.soundset

Thanks to our annonymous contributor

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  Member 6.07.2023 15
put it as a torrent, it would be amazing
  Member 6.11.2014 54
Yeah, as much as i appreciate it it would probably take me a couple of weeks to download if it even last that long
  Member 20.01.2024 3 30
I agree with the torrent suggestion. Or at least put all the soundsets as separate downloadable files.
  Resident 27.07.2014 5 442
do a google search in one or two days
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  Member 12.01.2023 100
The Russian site will get it for sure.
  Resident 29.11.2020 29 2657
Torrent will probably be available in few days, and I'm with the separate downloadable for each of them. I don't need all, just factory presets/soundbanks, plus some other pack.

btw, thanks to the contributor that shared this content.
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  Resident 16.09.2015 147
Just matched it up with one's I already have from previous releases currently installed on my machine. This release has 63 files plus the filelist.txt. I already have all but ten of them from earlier releases. Best hope for "separate downloadable", no way I'm doing 80gb to sift out ten of them. Ru generally has it all separated so that would be what you're after.

For those interested, and to save you some time, these are the ten (plus filelist.txt) that as far as I can tell weren't available in the older soundset releases that have been floating around the scene for awhile:

Acoustic Drum Kits and Loops.soundset
Silence-Of-The-Jams.soundset (EDIT--turns out this one was released before, 2020, found it on Ru site).
Studio One Loops Vol 2.soundset
Studio One Loops Vol 3.soundset
Studio One Loops Vol 4.soundset
Voodoo One FX.soundset

If there is a torrent release of individual files you can just pick out the above ones in your torrent client and you should have the complete set if you've been collecting them all along :)
  Member 26.08.2015 130
What format are these samples in? Wav, aiff, or Presonus's proprietary format?
  Member 16.11.2013 18 229
PreSonis'. soundset file format.
  Member 26.10.2015 2
hey good job share this torrent file please thanks
  Member 6.10.2022 13
It's been a week and there is still no torrent.
  Member 29.03.2024 2
I'm also anxiously awaiting the torrent given the file size.
  Member 20.01.2024 3 30
Have any of the soundbanks that are also in the older release been updated?
  Member 12.11.2020 64
Would be nice to get a torrent for this, it's too large for FS
  Member 24.10.2022 3
Still no sign of individual torrents?
  Member 31.01.2017 38
we are still waiting for torrent files
  Member 16.07.2018 343
No torrent I can find, months later
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