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VEL0CiTY AlexiaB FUTURE Vol.4 Future Core Essentials with SYUNN WAV screenshot
WAV | 110.74 MB
After Sucessfully "FUTURE Vol.3" THE NEXT VOLUME IS RETURNING OF THE FUTURE CORE GENRE WITH SYUNN MEMBER OF EVERLAxTER! Inspired by Chime, SYUNN, HuΣeR, Ashrount, lapix, Camellia, PHQUASE, ZAQUVA, EMOCOSINE, SOUND HOLIC, RiraN, Shadw (aka MK), Roughsketch, Kabocha, Hommarju, Akira Complex, Skybreak, Virtual Riot, Ace Aura, sky_delta, celtix, siqlo & etcs.

Samples Contents:

17 Aetherspeak Vocals (Dry Created by me!)
4 Ambience
12 Drumloops & Fills
8 Impacts
11 Bass Oneshots
20 Japanese Aethernames
5 Drumkits
And Many More!

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