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Samples, Kontakt
Audiofier Veevum Beat KONTAKT screenshot
P2P | 29 November 2022 | 5.62 GB

Drums and Percussion Veevum Style

FORMAT: Kontakt Library (5.8.1 or above)
SIZE: 6.04Gb Ncw Compressed
FILES: 3181 Audio Samples

Introducing Veevum Beat

Making use of the same playing modes of the acclaimed Veevum Series, VEEVUM BEAT provides exciting new ways to combine drums and percussion loops.

The randomisation capabilities of VEEVUM BEAT make it super easy to create new rhythmic beds which get stored automatically and are ready to be used at a touch of a key.

With Veevum’s unique “honeycomb style” interface you will focus more on the sound relying more on your ears than your sight to look for that
specific sound you had in mind.
With Veevum you will realise your will spend less time in searching for the sounds through endless lists of meaningless sound names, and pay more attention to what each sound actually sounds like.
Now with the brand new VEEVUM BEAT engine, you can create, mix, mangle, deconstruct, randomise rhythmic loops as never possible before.

Unique Sound Generation
VEEVUM’s sound sources (100 per instrument) can be selected using the Cells Beehive (Honeycomb), or can be randomised. They can also be filtered according to several categories which are specific for each instrument. The whole patch can be randomised as well, including effects, portamento and unison features.

Playing Modes
When the sound sources are chosen (up to 50 at once), they can be played in several ways: RANDOM will select a different sound source per played note, STACK will play all sound sources at once (FULL STACK) or will distribute all chosen sound sources in the keyboard (SPREAD STACK). FULL STACK also can crossfade each sound source with individual volume Lfo’s to create evolving textures (STACK CURVE MODE).

Arpeggiator and Step Effects
VEEVUM hosts an arpeggiator which in conjunction with the RANDOM playing mode will generate sequences of notes, triggering different sounds every time. Also VEEVUM sports a Step Volume and a Step Filter effects.

Convolver and Random Effects
VEEVUM includes the ever present Convolver with unique Impulse Responses which dramatically change the sounds characteristics. A special Convolver will be active on specific notes when the Random FX feature is activated.

More features
VEEVUM also includes Portamento, up to 6 voices unison, Pitch LFO’s and Volume AHDSR (per sound or per patch), Delay, Reverb, Phaser, Rotator effects and more…

VEEVUM BEAT includes 3200 Drums and percussion loops ranging from acoustic drums to hyper effected percussion and beyond. Each Sound Hexagon in the honeybee includes 32 loops: 8 drums/percussion tracks in 4 variations. VEEVUM BEAT is the perfect rhythm creator for Ambient Producers and Cinematic Composers.

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  Contributor 11.10.2014 4396 10137
Rapidgator | KatFile | Nitroflare
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  Contributor 31.03.2014 716 6298
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  Member 16.01.2014 1 467
Sounds very cool, thanks hidera!!
"We are all one spark, Sun becoming"
  Member 5.11.2013 15
Snapshots Please! Thanks!
  Resident 20.02.2011 1156
Yeah.... snapshots are missing
You can't have everything; where would you put it?
  Resident 8.06.2021 513
A problem with the "Pulse Downloader" perhaps. Required for snapshot installation
Delete this comment
  Member 18.10.2019 1 105
Another request for the snapshots from me.
The manual says:
If the installation using PULSE DOWNLOADER has been successful, the
presets/snapshots are already installed in the correct location. If for any
reason you needed to locate them, they can be found in the following
Mac OS Snapshots Folder:
System Drive/Users/<your username>/Documents/Native Instruments/
PC Snapshots Folder:
C:\Users\<your username>\Documents\Native Instruments\User
  Member 20.11.2013 88
Lately I'm having trouble adding libraries.
This doesn't add up.
Even generating nicnt and/or checking the spid.
Solutions for Snapshots?
  Resident 15.11.2013 3 1334
No Snapshots (presets). These are mentioned in the manual but are missing. Can we have them please?
  Member 10.01.2021 3 43
No update for the presets? Shame. I wanted to check this out.
  Member 20.11.2013 88
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 20.11.2013 88
Has anyone found them?
  Member 5.01.2016 130
Please fill in the presets if possible.
  Member 23.10.2015 47
Thanks, sounds out of this world.

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