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Samples, loops, outdated
eLAB X-Static Goldmine 4 WAV (Organized) screenshot
WAV - 1.12GB
X-Static Goldmine 4 was subtitled "chillin out in da orb", and it sure seems appropriate since all the ambient, triphop & dubby drum loops, just screams "far-out-space". For example how about deep trancey phased out loops? Ethnic crossover breaks? Or maybe some cone blowing jungle or ragga loops? Well with transformed chants, experimental seq or hypnotic psychedelic delays -this CD will definitely take you to another dimension. All loops, FX and chords are super hard panned against each other to help you hear the samples in context and still to cram more sounds into the CD.

Organized into folders, with left and right channels organized aswell. Since the CD has 2 different samples on each audio channel.

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  Member 3.08.2015 171
So weird how they made the CD with so much panning and LR stuff
  Member 29.10.2020 18 55
i believe they did this to save cd space back then
pretty weird concept but somehow it worked
  Resident 14.11.2013 288
cyanidecup45 is totally right, that's the story behind that.
These are from a time where ripping a cd into a computer was ten years away.
You had your cd player hooked up to your (akai? emu?) sampler, and captured the loop by recording it. If you were fancy and invested 700 dollar (in the nineties!) in your sampler it might even have had an spdif input. as it made no difference selecting L, R, or Stereo when capturing having those track panned out wasn't the slightest hassle.
Even if you decided to have have that sample in stereo in your sampler, you probably fed that one loop from a dedicated output pair to the mixing desk. Then you were able to do the panning and different eq and send setting there.
Gosh I'm glad these times are over. It's such a luxury having it all in one folder, and being able to save every single paramater instead of writing it down.
  Resident 29.09.2008 7 341
thanks for share this old stuff. much appreciate.

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