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Samples, loops, outdated
eLAB X-Files of House WAV screenshot
WAV - 500mb
chicago, new york, miami & washington, try naming any of the
influential cities where famous dj & dance producers come from, than you know what this cd represents.
house, house & nothing but house. the x-file series represent e-lab's will to delver deeper into the underground. taking you & the samples back to where they came from.
get this one if you wanna inject the true sound & energy of underground house music.

This one is more complete compared to the XTc version which is only the demo samples.

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  Resident 4.10.2013 6 640
thanks for this!
I miss vintage sample packs, probably what I loved always the most in Audioz since the beginning. I hope to see more!
fashion is temporal / style is forever
  Member 27.02.2015 24
interesting you mention this, this is the first cd i have seen on AudioZ since starting here a number of years ago - not that im here every day and that, just in passing but would like to see more!

Am i looking in the wrong place for them? Whats your secret? this is the sort of thing that i'm after
  Resident 30.12.2017 1 1734
So many sample packs use trademarked phrases and images
  Resident 28.10.2013 49
That was a must have back in the days (still is in some cases)... I have it for ages but thank you for sharing, I'm sure a lot of people would like to have it.
  Member 16.10.2018 8 22
i have the E-Lab XTc samples... dnb old samples...
  Member 27.02.2015 24
would you be willing to share them please? thanks
  Member 16.10.2018 8 22
upload more things like this thanks

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