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Samples, instruments
Ueberschall - Supreme Styles The Urban Expansion (ELASTIK) screenshot
Team AudioP2P | Format:ELASTIK | 3.95GB
Supreme Styles is the ultimate library of urban music, which adjust its top priority on guitars. The library deals with a wide range of styles such as HipHop, R&B, Club and Dancehall, as well as other surrounding genres. Each of the 30 Construction Kits delivers a well composed track, (including a main part, variation, intro/outro), which consist besides its instrument and drum and percussion loops, of several guitar loops. With a range of 58 bpm to 127 bpm, youвЂll find unique tracks, which have their own tension, feeling and style. Everything is composed to conform to the musical genre and the samples comprise a state of the art Library, made to achieve true urban sound.
A close look into the 4GB package, finds more than 1600 loops and samples of supremely engineered, recorded instruments. Since the main focus of this library was set on guitars, there is a huge range of acoustic and amped guitars, such as rock guitars with and without distortion, flamenco guitars, classical nylon guitars, also guitars with wah-wah effect and much more. A flood of guitar phrase choices are available from short licks, up to catchy melodies, riffs and chords. All guitar loops were created with top brands such as Fender, Gibson, Music Man, PRS, Sandberg, Martin, Washburn and Takamine, to name only a few. Amps used include Marshall, Vox, Mesa Boogie, Hiwatt, Engl, Orange, Line 6 and others. Additional DSP processing, stomp pedals, along with outboard processing were also applied.
Beside the guitars, all the essential sounds needed for urban music are available, including: bass drums, snares, claps, hihats, shaker, a great amount of percussion, as well as heavy bass-lines, remarkable synthesizer sounds, pads, strings, organs, acoustic pianos, e-pianos and much more.
Furthermore, the kit contains up to 3 sub-kits and a drum single sound folder, material is organized as follows:
- Main Kit - Includes the main theme, with its sounds and phrases.
- Variation Kit A - Provides an alternative track and phrases which is used to add contrast to the main theme and gives you more flexibility for your entire track.
- Intro/Outro Kit - Here you can find the matching intro/outro track for the overall kit, along with its individual parts.
- Single Drum Sound - The single-shots are centralized in this folder, making it easy to create your own additional drum patterns.

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Reup done !. Olymoon

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  Member 21.10.2018 37
lol if anybody has this i would love for it to be re upped here
  Member 31.03.2019 62
Yes, this library sounds interesting.
anyone able to re-upload it?
  Resident 25.04.2012 74 7712
Possibly but we'll need Olymoon or Pirat to update the link container.

Olymoon: If you have time can you take care of that please.
Wake the fuck up samurai, we've got a world to burn.
  Moderator 21.01.2012 1647 13515
Reup done !!!
  Resident 25.04.2012 74 7712
Thanks a lot Oly. You're the best.
Wake the fuck up samurai, we've got a world to burn.

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