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Samples, Kontakt
Native Instruments SEQUIS v1.0 KONTAKT screenshot
KONTAKT | 17/10/2021 | 4.09 GB
SEQUIS combines a deep library of meticulously recorded samples with an intuitive sequencing engine, uniting rhythm and melody to infuse your productions with a richly organic, pulsing momentum. Whether you're scoring otherworldly sci-fi films or crafting deep, dark, dancefloor moments, SEQUIS gives you total freedom to explore new sonic pastures.

SEQUIS delivers an artfully compiled ensemble of acoustic samples that includes guitars, classical strings, flutes, percussion, and even human voices. The instruments were all recorded using a variety of imaginative playing styles to create an inspiring medley of articulations — trills, ghost notes, flutters, ricochets, and echoes that are woven together with the in-built step sequencer to form new musical constellations.

SEQUIS is designed to make creativity happen fast, with over 200 tweakable presets that range from delicately emotive to ominously intense. Browsing the collection of sampled instruments is quick and easy, with all recordings carefully selected and captured to give you radio-ready sounds, right out of the box.

SEQUIS comes with a broad variety of editing controls under the hood that let you dial in swing, activate triplet patterns, and add accents to specific notes. Sounds can be individually moulded with pro-level reverb, filter, and delay effects while the sequenced patterns can be looped and reversed, giving you a lush playground of evolving, syncopated loops and multilayered oneshots.

Expand your horizons even further with ARKHIS — another specialized instrument from Orchestral Tools, made for contemporary soundtracks and cinematic productions. You can buy ARKHIS and SEQUIS together and get a discount on the pair.

Orchestral Tools has long been a staple of the professional film scoring world – if you’ve seen a blockbuster movie in recent years, you’ve almost certainly heard their work. The company is known for outstanding sound quality and attention to detail. Orchestral Tools offers a wide range of inspiring libraries for all types of composers, and has previously collaborated with NI to create Arkhis.

Download size: 4.3 GB (about tbc 7.3 GB uncompressed sample pool)

System requirements: Free KONTAKT PLAYER version 6.6.0 and higher, or KONTAKT version 6.6.0 and higher.

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  Resident 29.09.2012 4 783
Sabia que esta libreria apareceria pronto aqui y justo de ti jose . Se agradece mucho
Dream Trance
  Member 22.10.2016 456
I'm not sure what you said Skydda but I assume I am agreeing with you..... this library is stunning, amazing..... thanks so much josenacha for sharing something I can't afford.
  Member 28.01.2021 38
Perfect !!! Thank you
  Member 17.03.2017 5
I am assuming nobody else is having an issue installing this. I am getting an error saying its already installed and to uninstall it first before installing. Obviously I was never installed before. First time I have ever gotten an error installing a Native Instruments product using an ISO method. Any clue how to fix this?
  Member 28.01.2021 38
You tried with Pacifist app for mac, if you’re using Mac?
Or you could open the iso and extract the content and install using Kitty script mac or add library for windows if I’m not mistaking.
  Member 17.03.2017 5
I can confirm that Arkhis is for some reason connected with Sequis for me. I uninstall Arkhis and it installed fine. Then installed Arkhis, and it installed fine. So if anybody gets the error mentioned above, that is the fix.
  Member 5.10.2021 16
Thank You Guys For Helping Out Broke/Independent People
  Member 29.08.2019 79
Let's give it a go.
Thanx for sharing. Much appriciated.
Too old to make a difference.
  Resident 11.01.2012 206
hmmm, i'm getting demo mode. I'm using the r2r release and the r2r kontakt manager. Am i missing something? Probably something easy
  Resident 17.06.2016 386
update Native Access.xml

open native access sometime.
  Resident 15.09.2011 1 3290
Does Native Access have to be installed for the new libraries to work? So far I've been getting away with it just by using Add Library.exe. I'm using your Kontakt 6.5.3 release, W7, Reaper, all x64, VST2.

I will have to install v6.6.1 soon because of some library needing it, like this one for instance and I'm very weary of installing it. In a big dillema should I use your release or R2R's.
"The real hopeless victims of mental illness are to be found among those who appear to be most normal." - Aldous Huxley, Brave New World Revisited
  Resident 17.06.2016 386
Native Access.xml is updated when you open native access.

it add new products in the list
it is needed for the R2R ras3 license generator.

not with add library.exe, making the xml & regedit key from the nicnt file.
the full options library tools are also using Native Access.xml.

there is no other way to update this file. it can be downloaded from another machine.
  Member 30.11.2020 23 769
No problem running this with Bobdule Kontakt release 6.6.1. I hope you keep releasing the NI stuff even though R2R are releasing theirs as well.

Most of us that has tons of custom libraries can't use the R2R release just yet because of the Add Library conflict, so yours is our only hope. Thanks
people do become slaves to their own easiest techniques
  Member 20.10.2021 1
hey, sorry, I am also having the problem that mine says it is demo mode. but I do not understand your solution. I have opened native access and in native access it also says it is a demo. how do I upgrade it to full exactly? thank you very much
  Resident 30.11.2018 1 81
And another great library!

Thank you very much josenacha!
  Member 18.10.2020 27
Sounds amazing, can't wait to give it a whirl. Many thanks.
  Member 14.11.2014 4
For those who have the installation error ...

I had to reinstall the Arkhis ISO and everything worked fine...
It seems that Sequis is an Arkhis update
  Member 17.03.2017 5
I will give this a go. If that is the case, what a strange issue to have. I have been searching high and low for a solution to my problem. Hopefully this solves it.
  Member 17.03.2017 5
As mentioned above, that was the issue. Thanks for posting this fix.
  Member 29.09.2019 4
Hi Lugaro i need your help and seems that you ve passed thru same issues
i reinstalled Arkhis iso but Sequis disapear and then reinstall sequis and arkis disapear ...
i can't find a solution :((
could you help me with the exact process to have both because if sequis is an update it only weighs 4gb and arkhis 12b! that whyi would like both or if you have any advice o choose only one of them in cae that a slution doesn't work for me;) thanks a lot for any help!!
  Member 29.08.2019 79
Hey there,
You can install this library as a separate library.
No need to install Arkhis.
Just make sure you run the latest Kontakt (Portable)
Too old to make a difference.
  Member 29.08.2019 79
It's not. You can install this as a separate library.
Works fine as it is.
Too old to make a difference.
  Member 6.09.2021 13
Muchisimas gracias Maestro Jose,todo perfecto!!!
  Resident 23.10.2010 354
Anyone's sustain pedal works with Sequis?
  Member 10.09.2018 1 353
Very muchos thankos! josenacha!
  Resident 4.06.2012 384
quote by Stevie DudeNo problem running this with Bobdule Kontakt release 6.6.1. I hope you keep releasing the NI stuff even though R2R are releasing theirs as well.

Most of us that has tons of custom libraries can't use the R2R release just yet because of the Add Library conflict, so yours is our only hope. Thanks

Bobdule Kontakt is indeed the best one!
  Member 20.06.2021 84
Why does mine look like this ?


Using latest version 6.6.1 (R139)

EDIT: Issue occures only in Standalone. VST3 works fine.
  Resident 11.01.2012 206
quote by maully1hmmm, i'm getting demo mode. I'm using the r2r release and the r2r kontakt manager. Am i missing something? Probably something easy

OK i'm stupid. Once you have the R2R kontakt manager installed, you can actually just double click any .nicnt library and it will register.

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