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Samples, MIDI, SF, Akai
[dead] Ilio Miroslav Vitous Symphonic Orchestra Pack [AKAI] screenshot
Acoustic Piano
This beautiful disk contains a stereo and mono version of a European Steinway sampled by Miroslav. It concentrates more on the classical sounding, softer touches of the instrument, with a crystal clear high end. Currently it offers two velocity layers with plans to add a third (ff) layer by the summer of 2000. This disk offers the beauty of Miroslav's work with a great price.
All sampling was done at 48 khz. Tuned to A-440.

Classical Percussion & Harp
This CD contains a myriad of percussion instruments and harp samples, so many, that they cannot all be listed. These samples are masterfully recorded and painstakingly edited. This is a superb array of samples to create your orchestral concert sound.

Solo Instruments I
This CD consists of the bassclarinet, bassoon, basstrombone, clarinet, contrabassoon, trombone, viola and violoncello. The recording quality is excellent and would perfectly emulate a solo orchestral performance.

Solo Instruments II
This CD extends the instrument sampling of the first volume to include the alto flute, contrabass, English horn, French horn, oboe, piccolo, tuba and violin. The recording quality is impecable, and is one of the best orchestral samples on the market.

String Ensembles
This huge undertaking contains 11 Violins, 23 Violins, 4 Violas, 4 Violoncellos, 10 Violoncellos, and 9 Contrabasses. Playing styles include: Vibrato, No Vibrato, Mute, Detache, Pizzicato, Staccato, Sul Ponty, Sul Ponty Tremolo, with various speeds and velocities for the ultimate performance in String sampling.

Woodwind & Brass Ensembles
This disk contains 3 Flutes, 3 Bassoons, 3 Clarinets, 3 Oboes, 3 Trombones, 3 Trumpets, and 4 French horns. All the ensembles you will need, to complete the Symphonic Orchestra Samples. Expressive and musical with the highest sound quality.
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Miroslav Vitous - Symphonic Orchestra Samples - Solo Instruments II [Wav/Kontakt]


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