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Samples, sound effects
Funny Fart Sounds 52 Super Funny Farts (Clean) FLAC WAV screenshot
FLAC / WAV | Samples Movie Effects, Special Effects | Size: 20.48 | TEAM DJYOPMiX
Artist: Funny Fart Sounds
Title : 52 Super Funny Farts (Clean)
Label: Novelty Sounds
Format: Digital [FLAC & WAV]
Total Length: 3:11
Genres: Sound Effects

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  Member 24.05.2020 7
Made with real farts
  Member 4.06.2020 38
I just love the fart tsunami wave
  Resident 15.09.2011 1 3815
I can provide you with an incredibly vast sample bank of fart sounds for free. Vegan farts, those are exceptional, so no animals have been hurt making them!
"The real hopeless victims of mental illness are to be found among those who appear to be most normal." - Aldous Huxley, Brave New World Revisited
  Member 29.08.2020 92
Super Funny? Need some more serious farts on this site.
  Resident 28.06.2013 687
thank you for the tracklist.
  Resident 1.04.2015 186
This pack is underrated. I think those have been recorded with neumann mics and UA tube preamps.
Pure texture.
  Member 12.02.2021 40
I"m never buying a used neumann mic again!
  Member 29.08.2019 12 174
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  Resident 9.06.2013 3 1041
@djyopmix: How many cans of beans did you have to eat to produce all these fart sample packs?
  Resident 5.12.2014 367 751
keep them coming
The Impaler
  Resident 17.08.2019 399
Thanks for the 4 fart packs djyopmix this is just what we needed, almost as good as having a miked up Pooter, for those who don't know what a Pooter is just search there are lots of sellers from $2.50 & up and they all sound really good. Carry one around you everywhere when you need to have some fun.
  Resident 19.10.2016 291
Any preview?

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