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Samples, Kontakt
Strezov Sampling AFFLATUS Chapter I Strings v1.3 KONTAKT-Minified screenshot
P2P | 14 June 2021 | 6.77 GB
Inspired by movie and classical music icons, this collection pushes the boundaries of traditional sampling techniques by introducing revolutionary features such as Auto Divisi paired with Polyphonic True Legato from the next generation choir series, Round Robin Legato for fast Legato Ostinatos and a thematic approach to techniques games.

Capturing conducted musical samples as opposed to static generic samples, Afflatus Chapter I features several custom-made articulation groups able to portray one specific style per group with ease. This approach grants the user highly specialized and inspiring virtual instruments able to perform music with virtuosity: Gone are the days of soulless samples.

The styles / moods featured in Afflatus Chapter I range from classical to modern contemporary film scores. Some of the masters which inspired the development of this collection are Henry Mancini, Sergei Prokofiev, Bernard Herrmann, John Williams and Arvo Pärt.

The sounds and styles presented in Afflatus are vast in terms of colors and playing techniques. From modern minimalist to golden age and lush epic string ensembles – it’s all inside just one collection, which makes Afflatus a great extension to other string libraries covering the bread and butter articulations, as well.
While other libraries recorded divisi sections before, Afflatus gives you total control over the sections while performing your music. Pressing the sustain pedal controls whether polyphonic lines should be played in divisi for an ultra realistic concert sound or with the whole section to achieve a thick lush tone suitable for modern film scores, TV and videogames alike. In combination with intelligent voice leading derived from the Polyphonic True Legato engine used in Freyja, Wotan, Árva and Rhodope, it is now easier than ever before to make string arrangements sound the way you want them to within your DAW.

Two years after the initial release we are proud to announce the release of the third Afflatus Chapter 1 Strings Update including new features our users requested like Round Robin Legato, Harmonics Legato, Tenuto Swells, new short articulations and much more.

– Boutique String Collection comprising over 7 different thematic string libraries
– Auto Divisi in combination with Polyphonic True Legato
– NEW Round Robin True Legato
– NEW Harmonics True Legato
– NEW Tenuto Swells
– Various sizes of different String and Mixed Ensembles from 50 Players to Chamber to Quartet and First chairs
– Expertly tailored Thematic Ensembles suitable for Contemporary to Golden Age style film soundtracks, TV, Videogame and Pop music
– 25 Polyphonic True Legato Bowings
– Custom Organic Sound Design Section with seperate mixable Elements
– Playable Aleatoric Articulations
– Three microphone positions – Close, Decca, Hall (Two on Mixed Ensembles)
– Over 200 playable patches
– Powered by Native Instruments’ free Kontakt Player and NKS compatible
– Velocity Dynamic Influencer for extra control on polyphonic legato voicings

— — — — — MINIFIED INFO — — — — — — —

Since I like to have many Kontakt libraries but don't want to fill my hard drives with them, I minify them, keeping only what I really need from them.

— Library size is 7.7GB (from ~ 104GB)
— All samples are 16bit
— For most of the instruments only the "Close" mic exists. There are some exceptions though, where the "Close" mic did not exist or it sounded really bad and I had to use some other mic combination.
— Some instruments where left out and I did a major restructure of the Instruments to simplify their access. A list of the included instruments follows.

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  Contributor 11.10.2014 6665 13844
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  Resident 5.12.2012 814 21270
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  Member 23.03.2021 21 407
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My links are dead ? Just PM to me , I will send you the new links !
  Member 21.06.2018 32 9521
  Member 21.05.2021 28
Can anyone repupload please :D ? Most are down and the ones that work, I get corrupted file number 6 from Uploaded.
  Resident 23.04.2017 2 618
Wow! Amazing
— Some instruments where left out...

Which were left out and....why? Was it just for the sake of size?
  Member 14.06.2021 64
There is a list with the included instruments..
I left out the ones I didn't like or need.
Don't forget that these are made for my own library and shared with the people (in the "audionews.org" forums, but as it was inevitable, with the whole world) to help them reclaim their hard disk space.. ;o)
  Member 31.05.2021 93
Wow! Thanks for this job! Please, upload Cinewinds Pro... ^^
  Member 14.05.2021 15
What's the weird link at the beginning of Zippyshare? Did anyone else find any errors in the clickupload links?
  Member 17.01.2014 1 248
This is unbeliavable, 7.7GB from 104GB...haha! amazing!!

Thanks, hidera
  Member 14.06.2021 64
quote by BittWow! Thanks for this job! Please, upload Cinewinds Pro... ^^

I don't have them and I don't think that I'll download them..
  Member 17.01.2014 1 248
Never say never, noembryo. CW Pro is an amazing library for Renaissance, Celtic, World touch, etc... my main library for those tasks, always works with a great sound. Give it a try.

Thank you very much for your effort.

  Member 14.06.2021 64
Just watched a youtube overview and I think its a nice library..
I'll download it and try to minify it.
I'll upload it to audionews forums first, but I'm sure that somebody will link it here too ;o)
  Member 17.01.2014 1 248
Wow, so glad you liked what you watched! The idiomatic phrases are very useful in conjunction with the legato patches, and as an inspiration start for those popular folk genres in which many of us are no experts. And all the patches sounds great.

Thank you very much, noembryo!!

Happy minifying!!

  Member 14.06.2021 64
Its getting uploaded to the audionews forum as we speak.
It will take a while, since my connection is crappy, but..
Unfortunately, I removed the phrases, since I can always listen to music (even strange music) for inspiration.. ;o)
Size 1.7GB from ~ 16.5GB
  Member 31.05.2021 93
I made this library! ^^
  Member 14.06.2021 64
What do you mean?
  Member 17.01.2014 1 248
Thank you very much!! I tested it, great job!! The only issue is the Bass Clarinet patches (legato & Articulations) that are mono left only, it appears that the right channel is missing...something easy to fix?
  Member 14.06.2021 64
@GrahamMayhem You must be referring to the @Bitt's library, because mine is not uploaded yet..
BTW the Bass Clarinet is normal in mine (just checked)
I'm downloading the Bitt's library now, to see the differences..
I'll post back..
  Member 17.01.2014 1 248
Yes yes you're
right, it's Bitt's!!!

my bad, sorry both, thanks both, in this CWP case thanks to Bitt!!!
  Member 17.01.2014 1 248
The Bass Clarinets split patches also has this problem.

Thanks, noembryo!
  Member 14.06.2021 64
Well, it seems that the Bass Clarinet problem is a CineSamples error.
They left the pan to the right.
I fixed it in Legato and Articulations and I thought that it was my mistake.
I missed it on the split patches though..
Just center the pan ;o)
  Member 17.01.2014 1 248
In my Full CWP library the Bass Clarinets are fine...
  Member 14.06.2021 64
The wrong pan is at the Close mic only.
The other mics' panning have no problem..
  Member 17.01.2014 1 248
How can I fix that problem?
  Member 14.06.2021 64
As I said, at the Bass Clarinet's Mixer page, set the pan of the Close mic's mixer strip to center..
  Member 31.05.2021 93
see your mail in audioz! :D
  Member 14.06.2021 64
Just checked your library and it looks almost like mine.
The main difference is under the hood.
I replaced all the samples I didn't need with empty ones, but you went to every instrument and removed the not used samples from every group!
This must took you ages!
So you are right, you already uploaded this library..
I only uploaded it because of @GrahamMayhem's requests (I assumed that it was not yet available)

Edit: Another difference is that you use an .nkr to store the samples instead of the usual .nkx.
The .nkr is normally used to store the library's resources.
It works anyway though.. ;o)
  Member 17.01.2014 1 248
Thank you very much, noembryo, I will download your new minified child!!

  Member 17.01.2014 1 248
Thank you very much, Bitt, amazing effort!! I'll figure out something for the Bass Clarinets or use another library when I need that player.


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