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Samples, instruments, sound effects, loops, multitrack, acapella, MIDI, SF, Akai
Cymatics PHARAOH Premium Drum Samples WAV MiDi screenshot
P2P | 16 October 2020 | 7.34 GB
The Hardest Hitting Drums We’ve Ever Made!

Cymatics PHARAOH Premium Drum Samples WAV MiDi screenshot

Nothing gets the attention of a listener like heavy hitting drums.

In an industry full of the same old recycled drum sounds, we wanted to pave a new lane and bring something authentic to the table.

So with Pharaoh, we set out on a mission to put together the hardest hitting and most unique drum collection possible.

After spending countless hours deep diving into drum design and analog processing equipment, the team truly went above and beyond.

Each sample was designed to have perfect harmonic content & piercing transients to help cut through any mix while still sounding full of character.

So if you are a producer who makes heavy hitting music, regardless of the genre, these premium drum samples are essentially tailor-made for that style.

KING: Premium Drum Loops
Cymatics PHARAOH Premium Drum Samples WAV MiDi screenshot
It’s really special when you get inspired to create a track just from a single drum loop.
We knew that having the ultimate tool kit for banger tracks meant having the right set of drum loops at your disposal.
This includes everything from unique drums, rhythmic percs, live shakers, & more to give even more textures for inspiration.
Each drum loop in this pack drives it’s own creative force of unique sound, paired with hard hitting processing that will cut through any mix.
All of these loops are processed and ready to drop into any project…so whether you want to add full drums or add more textures to a mix, KING has it all.

MONARCH: Premium Melodies
Cymatics PHARAOH Premium Drum Samples WAV MiDi screenshot
Melodies are easily one of the most valuable assets in modern production.
And if you don’t have good melodies you’re going to struggle to stand out, finish beats, and get placements / beat sales.
It’s even why you see a ton of big time producers always asking people to send loops to their email...
They can be multiple sources of inspiration whether you use the MIDI to start a track, stems, or a full melody loop.
These melodies are optimized for high energy production... bangers specifically.
Between MONARCH and PHARAOH alone, you have an entire one stop shop for creating heavy hitting music!

Cymatics PHARAOH Premium Drum Samples WAV MiDi screenshot
Sometimes it’s often easier to finish 95% of a track, rather than finishing that last 5%...
But the finishing touches and micro details in a track are really what makes it special.
This FX collection has everything you need to sprinkle small details into your track to push that final 5% of your track where it needs to be.
These are optimized to work in the context of beats and trap music, essentially as little ornaments to throw into your tracks to really embellish them.
PYRAMID is perfect for bringing your mix to the next level and really taking your overall production to its full potential.

EMPEROR: World Percussion
Cymatics PHARAOH Premium Drum Samples WAV MiDi screenshot
We thought it would be super interesting to add culture, international influence, and diversity to this production suite.
You’ll have everything you need to set your tracks apart from the rest, with this extensive suite of eclectic percussion samples from all around the world!

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COOOL! Thank you
  Member 10.07.2014 477
That was fast! Awsome! Thank You!
  Member 27.09.2019 99
Thanks hidera. You are one of the best.
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  Resident 14.03.2009 11
Theses drums need breath to shine !
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Yessss, i was hoping this would show up here, thanks so much for the share
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  Member 28.07.2019 9
zippyshare link?
  Resident 17.04.2019 6 494
good stuff, thank you!
  Resident 15.09.2011 1 3290
What scammers and liars these guys are... they have organised a competition with "limited" 2500 licenses, $300 per license with a lot of "free stuff", and they claim they already sold almost a 1000 licenses [yeah right]. All marketing tricks ticked. It's essentially a very expensive lottery. Also, they say the Adam A77x speakers are worth $5000 whilst I can get them for a bit more than 1600 euro per pair. Whoever falls for this is a blatant idiot.

Cheers and thank you so much for uploading this sample bank! They do steal only good sounding samples. and it is not worth $297... even with all the "free" included stuff and the lottery. They can stuff it, and my Dyns are perfectly fine anyway. :P
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They also recycle a ton of thier sounds.
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  Member 8.12.2019 18
Thank you ! awesome bundle!

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