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Samples, Kontakt, loops, presets, patches, impulses, multitrack, acapella, MIDI, SF, Akai
Whole Loops GOLDEN BUNDLE MULTiFORMAT screenshot
AudioZ Exclusive | 03 September 2020 | 5.49 GB
Gotta have EVERYTHING? Save big when you purchase the Golden Bundle featuring ALL products currently available at Whole Loops:


· Raw Hits 1
· Raw Hits 2
· Hot Tropics 1
· Hot Tropics 2
· Hot Tropics 3
· Urban Beets 1
· Urban Beets 2
· Urban Beets 3
· Urban Beets 4
· Poppin Plucks Presets for Serum
· Karra Vocals for Serum
· Poppin Progressions 1
· Poppin Progressions 2
· Acoustic Progessions 1
· Electric Progression 1
· Cthulhu Chords 1
· Cthulhu Chords 2
· Waves Vocal Sauce
· Waves Background Sauce
· Waves Drum Sauce
· Waves Master Sauce
· Disrespect Sauce (for Ableton)
· Disrespect Sauce (for Waves)
· Ozone Master Sauce (Preset for Ozone 8 Advanced)
· UAD Vocal Sauce (Preset UAD Apollo or Satellite owners)
· UAD Master Sauce (Preset UAD Apollo or Satellite owners)
· Guitar Sauce (Preset for Ableton)
· Master Sauce (Preset for Ableton)
· Lead Vocal Sauce (Preset for Ableton)
· Fongs Rave Sauce (Preset for Ableton)
· Drum Sauce (Preset for Ableton)
· Background Sauce (Preset for Ableton)
· Organic Female Vocals 1 (Vocal Samples)
· Organic Male Vocals 1 (Vocal Samples)
· Ableton Lofi Sauce
· Waves Lofi Sauce
· Waves Guitar Sauce

Big Thanks to the Anonymous Member who supplied this release!

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  Resident 5.01.2015 1 456
Omg!!! This is an amazing share thank you Flare and anonymous member.
Live life loud
  Member 6.06.2018 11
Holy PHATNESS Mad Props FLARE n Thank you
Mac user
  Resident 17.04.2019 6 285
WOAHHHHHH thank you so much Flare!!!!
  Member 20.08.2014 62
Rockfile please !
  Member 29.09.2017 153
have you tried realdebrid?
  Member 10.04.2020 46
Well this is a nice gift Thank You
  Resident 29.05.2012 346
  Member 29.02.2020 1 43
Thanks Flare and Anonymous Member
  Member 29.09.2017 153
jesus.... thank you
  Member 29.09.2017 153
everyone just get a real debrid account 4euros for 30days... dl till you throw up lol
  Member 3.09.2016 2 5
Oh thanks thanks thanks!
  Member 11.02.2016 12 137
WOW, just wow. <3
  Resident 3.01.2011 1 3708
Thanks But iT is Missing Waves Vocal Sauce Waves Background Sauce Waves Master Sauce Ozone Master Sauce (Preset for Ozone 8 Advanced and a Few More Just Saying There is 38 Listed in The Description and There are Only 25 Folders That Extracted from The 6 far files Thanks
PS and Yes It Hs Been Uploaded Here Alredy But it is The Old Vertion Not The New Version That Use The New Waves Studio Rack Thanks
  Resident 5.01.2015 1 456
All the sauces have been leaked. If there aren't ones that havent lmk which ones and I'll send them to Flare to post
Live life loud
  Member 28.08.2015 3 27
Cthulhu Chords 1 and 2 are also missing and after doing a search on AZ only the AngelicVibes Cthulhu Chords shows up.
  Member 7.07.2019 60
Yep a few are missing, like the Raw Hits 3 and many others listed above
  Member 19.06.2014 68
You get these roses my friend. Great drop.
  Resident 30.06.2015 191
oh my goodness Flare, I love this bundle product so much thx u...
  Resident 3.01.2011 1 3708
Thanks SignalFlow562 The the New vertions Waves Vocal Sauce Waves Background Sauce Waves That Use The New Studio Rack are Missing
  Resident 5.01.2015 1 456
Damn spoke to soon as I only have the old versions
Live life loud
  Resident 3.01.2011 1 3708
Lol Its All Good SignalFlow562 Hopfully The Folder Got Over Looked and Left Out
  Resident 10.07.2014 931
Whole Loops is another average Sample Pack company. But it is famous because of a successful youtube channel.

Youtube channel is successful because we can see a puppet teaching us, which seems cool. Deadmau5 and Marshmello, but in tutorial world.

A successful youtube channel can sell your sample packs, can let you start business with one of the most famous mixing engineers in the EDM genre.
  Member 19.11.2014 35
I'm with you on this; Whole Loops packs aren't anything special but they may appear as premium products, based on the surrounding aspects you described. Their drums aren't anything I haven't heard, presets etc. I however am thankful for this release nonetheless, 5gb is a lot to upload!
I part of Lizard Squad m8!
  Member 27.09.2019 55
So which one do you think are better is/are better sample packs ??
  Member 10.04.2012 192
the 808s are missing too
  Member 9.02.2012 214
Thank You omg!!!!
  Resident 3.01.2011 1 3708
Just wondering have the missing folders been added thank you
  Member 8.03.2018 18
Keka fails every time. anyone else having this problem?
I downloaded again , but same problem..
  Resident 3.01.2011 1 3708
Has the missing files been fixed yet thank you the most important to me or the waves vocal presets

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